Liberate Yourself From The Agony Caused By Toxic Influences That Maintain And Perpetuate Destructive Delusions In The World

Disconnection from one’s higher Self/expression and from the Truth is the root of all evil and ongoing Karmic entanglement in the world.

“Don’t believe me? Just watch” the world and the collective behavioral manifestations of its people…or better, yet, if/when you experience suffering of any kind (different from normal emotional signals/sensations in and of themselves), just watch your own mind.

Before I dive more deeply into why this is important to remember, however, let’s start with some foundational definitions that will guide our exploration today:

Appropriate Definitions To Know Before Moving Forward (From The Merriam Webster Dictionary)

  1. Evil– “morally reprehensible,” “causing harm,” or “something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity”
  2. Moral– “of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior…ethical”
  3. Good– “being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper,” or “conforming to facts or truth”
  4. Right “conforming to facts or truth CORRECT
  5. Wrong– “an injurious, unfair, or unjust act action or conduct inflicting harm without due provocation or just cause,” or “something…immoral, or unethical”
  6. MORALETHICALVIRTUOUSRIGHTEOUSNOBLE mean conforming to a standard of what is right and good.”
  7. Conform– “to act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs”
  8. Truth– “…real things, events, and facts ACTUALITY” [Yogic translation: sat-that which is (grounded in the Absolute–not relative or changing/changeable based on personal ego-perspective–Reality)]

Now that you have read the list, you may be asking: what is the point of defining these seemingly common words? After all, you surely know what all of these things mean, right?

Well, it is so that you can clearly understand what it means to practice Yoga with any True level of integrity and/or success.

Why? Because one can live by either Dharma (universal laws of conduct–guided by conscience and understanding–that maintains connection to True higher moral orders in the world), which will set the foundation/conditions for Liberated understanding and expression. Or, one can live by Adharma (the opposite of following higher universal laws) that leads to destruction and misery.

And please keep in mind that there are no judgments here, just facts, since your Liberation is yours to either ultimately secure or not secure in this lifetime and these principles are guided by individual hearts and minds that require unwavering honesty and care; they are not just projected onto others for egoic/social reasons. I cannot tell you what is right or wrong (for you) since you untimely already know and only need to purely (and this purity is key) tune into the full guidance of your own heart.

The Eight-Limbed Path Offers Some Pointers

There is a reason (a rational justification) that Yamas and Niyamas are the first steps on the path to Liberation from the perpetual cycle of suffering. And it is the same reason that you must work your way up the Eight-Limbed path to eventually purify your mind and transcend the limitations of what binds you to misery and destruction in the world. And that reason is simply because if your body-mind is contaminated with toxic things like egoism, ignorance, greed, attachment, hatred, divisiveness, and/or fear, your thoughts, words, and actions cannot be truly pure, nor fully aligned with the Absolute Reality in which your True Self is already free from suffering and connected to all that is in joy (if you were not binding yourself to misery via incorrect seeing and expressing in the world).

Inner toxicity of any kind will lead to living in a state of delusion that causes destructive Karmic entanglements that leads to ongoing suffering through your thoughts, words, and actions.

And what is delusion exactly? It is “something that is falsely…believed or propagated (spread),” or that which leads to “a persistent false psychotic [not being emotionally stable…so being “uncontrollably” led by hatred, greed, rage, fear, etc.) belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable [can be proven beyond reasonable doubt] evidence to the contrary.”

Delusion, simply put, and in the greater sense, is believing in things that are not Real/Absolutely True.

Lies, gossiping, spreading rumors, manufacturing propaganda, believing in false ideologies, and numerous other practices (such as believing ones own incorrect assumptions/biases), are all practices that maintain and propagate delusion among humans who conform to incorrect, wrong, and/or morally corrupt or evil ways of seeing and being in the world (often even under the guise of being moral for egoic reasons) that keeps billions trapped in cycles of psycho-physical distress that comes from being disconnected from the Absolute Truth/Reality.

Instead of seeing that all are connected intrinsically as one, for example, delusion creates a sense of separation (“them” versus “us”) in people’s psyches causing humans to inflict harm on both themselves and others (either directly or indirectly) as a result of feeling insecure about their place in the world due to feelings of separation…further causing them to, oftentimes, go against the universal order that honors our collective unity with all beings whose inherent higher nature is to be free to exist and to peacefully (so as to not actually harm others’ body-minds) live in joy.

Yoga is a lifestyle practice because principles of being aligned with what is good, right, and true are lived as a consequence of being in alignment with one’s True Self and Nature…not theorized about or admired in those you wish to project these images onto some (or deny seeing them in others due to egoic agendas) at anytime. Yoga is enacted (on all levels) for best results if one wishes to free him/herself from the perpetual cycle of suffering that plagues humanity, and/or support others to do the same.

If lost in ignorance and reeking with the intoxication of delusion (disconnected from the pure joy of your True Nature), you cannot gain Liberation and full connection with your Self and the Absolute Reality. You cannot see, or be, right when guided by what is “wrong” within you.

So, you must purify your body-mind and free it from overidentification with/attachment to lower form and ways of seeing/being. You must free yourself from Karmic entanglement that creates suffering in the world, aligning your Self with the higher Reality and Absolute Truth that will set you free…or not (you can do whatever you want), since it is, after all, your choice to make.

Whatever you do, however, always inquire if it is your ego-delusions seeing, talking about, or doing any given thing, or if your vision is aligned with what is actually Real/True, since the consequence of being wrong is inevitable, and unnecessary, suffering. Instead of conforming to the collective delusions of egoic projections in the world, for example, conform to the standards of universal Truths, understandings, and ways of being that keep you grounded in what is Absolutely good, Absolutely Real, and Absolutely Liberating in a wholly joyful way.

Thank you for reading.

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