eightfold path

Week 55: Check-In | Niyama Practice And The Greater Reality

What are Niyamas (duties), and how do they individually, and collectively, support deeper self-purification and higher Self connection? How do they help to solidify the knowledge that we have discussed previously, and continue to build upon in our understanding of … Read MoreRead More

The Truth Remains Unchanged By Shadow And/Or Distorted Light

The play of shadow and refracted light within Maya often fabricates illusory distortions that can create suffering caused by attractions, aversions, likes, and dislikes if one becomes attached to the images that are being perceived on the projected screen of … Read MoreRead More

Regulating Your Body-Mind & Coming To Focus | Part 6-Dharana And Concentrating On/Into The Self | Satsang Full Recording | 11-30-21 [With Video Excerpt]

This meeting explores the importance of, and methods for, becoming concentrated in, and concentrating on, the Self for a deeper connection with, and understanding of, the Self. … Read More

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