Or…How To “Get Yourself Together,” Snap Out Of The Illusion, And Break Your Karmic Bondage

If you look at existence itself, not even it’s Absolute expression, but simply its manifested form, as one…in the same way that you can see/understand how trillions of cells make up an entire body as one unit, or celestial bodies make up entire galaxies as one cosmic container, or galaxies make up universes as one expression–and so on and so forth (from the very macro to micro levels of manifestation)–it is easy to see how “ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and clinging to bodily life” (Sutra 2.3) are “poisons” that kill understanding and connection to the eternal, all-pervasive, ever-present, unchanging, Awareness (that is all that is), and how, by coming into the Truth of the Self, any given being attains “eternal life,” unbounded joy, and Liberation.

We Start With The Confusion

“You are not your body-mind-ego,” explains Yoga.

But, this statement only leaves most scratching their head and asking: how do you know this really? Or, if they are extra spicy, they may ask: how do you know this really?

Or, the statement may have those who can see a little further than the first group inquiring: how does one come to know this when he/she is manifested on a plane of existence with others who are convinced that they are their body-mind-egos…a plane of existence where, from birth, “the world” tries to limit everyone and everything into that specific type of object, within a certain context, to serve it’s ever-changing manifestation? (Or some version of this…)

The real question, however, is always better stated as: how does one see/know the Truth when, “since birth,” others have been ridiculously bowing down to their, or other forms (imagined or temporarily manifested), lusting after this or that form (imagined or temporarily manifested), terrified of that one thing or the other (imagined or temporarily manifested)–looking as ridiculous as an out-of-whack individual skin cell (fated to be replenished in a month or so) sitting in the corner shaking, building shrines in its honor, or forming fan clubs to perpetuate its or another cell’s “legacy” of “best skin-celling of all time”–and telling you “this is normal,” as they are suffering indefinitely into the future? Why are you questioning, instead of testing/pursuing the Truth, when, by simply pausing, observing, and using common-sense alone, you can see that none of the “normally” passed down behaviors, aspirations, and “truths” make sense?

The stage is temporarily set with elaborate glamour and luxury…and “the best skin-cell award goes to skin cell 8564535645757763679687647686587587458584674578475787…may he rest in peace…” seems normal?

Or, to make the imagery more relatable, since you most likely take yourself to be a body-mind-ego (and not a clump of skin cells), let us ponder whether the best actor award goes to the actor who knows he is acting (and is “faking it”) or the millions of beings (past, present, and future) who completely forget that they are playing a role through/in life and actually do suffer (not just pretend to suffer) as a result of forgetting who they are to “become” the role/character that they were assigned or that they themselves assumed through unconscious Karma (thoughts, words, actions that have a cause and effect in the world)?…Or, fun bonus question: what is the Yogi’s “award” when she/he figures out that “it’s all an act?”

We Grow Through Knowledge

Here is what our modern epigenetic science validates: Before “you” were born, your grandmother’s existence, from her thoughts, to her words, to her actions (that included her diet and everything in between) determined “your” form. Everything before that determined her form. And everything that you do will determine something in the future…and so goes the law of Karma.

Your ancestor’s (those “related” and “unrelated,” since everyone and everything in the environment is interconnected) tears, fears, and strengths for body-mind-ego survival live in your DNA in the same way that your tears, fears, strengths and so forth, will (if you choose to have children) live in your offspring or impact the offspring of others through both your, and their, thoughts, words, and actions. Your body-mind-ego is entangled with others’ body-mind-egos indefinitely, fated to suffer for its innate “programming” to “perpetuate life” as long as you lives in ignorance of who/what you are, and reduce yourself/your Self to form.

If you take control of yourself, however, and gain understanding of your independence within the interconnectedness, you can change your fate by regulating your form/eg0-body-mind, and free yourself from inherited Karmic bondage and ignorance. And, if you go even further on your journey to self-mastery, to figure out and come into a full understanding of who/what you are beyond form, understanding what makes all of this possible to begin with, you can entirely Liberate yourself from suffering altogether to dwell in your Nature in/as pure/unbounded joy.

Sounds good? Keep reading…

We Awaken Through Understanding… “Back From The Fantasy [Or Nightmare] Yeah..es…”

“You” are what manifests as Spirit that sustains a living, ever-changing, universe that appears as your body-mind-ego for experience in/of the greater “eco-systems” of all that is.

Everything, including “you” comes from the one Source that is the only Reality/Truth, and this “Source” is who/what “you” are in essence.

Coming to this awareness (in a fully integrated way, experientially, naturally, clearly) is what frees you from Karmic attachment to the inevitable entanglement of/with/within form, since it is only ignorance and your false attachment to your (and, therefore, others’) body-mind-ego that keeps you bound in/to patterns of perception and behavior that create and fulfill limiting/limited frameworks for existing and expressing.

Break your ignorant programming that limits you to any version of a body-mind-ego (or any version of a dysregulated animal–even one wearing clothing like in the novel Animal Farm), a body-mind-ego that lives in a clouded “reality,” and you break your bondage to form and suffering, since “you” are beyond form and suffering, and “you” are what manifests, creates, and shapes “yourself” and “reality” for the purpose of existence, awareness, and joyful expression itself (whether consciously or unconsciously).

Human-beings, confused about who/what they are, think that their “purpose in life” is tied to the forms that they manifest and manifest as, or that their “purpose” is tied to the roles that they play within Maya…as if they, themselves, were simply reduced to specialized cells in the intangibly manifested projection of the collective psycho-physical construct called society.

Human-beings, however, are not objects or roles. Humans, “created in God’s image” from Earth, which comes from stardust itself, that comes from infinite potential, and so forth, are clearly not means to any end that serves its own fabricated constructs, in the same way that cells that make up your body do not exist to purely serve your ego-construct (nor even arguably your form–they exist onto themselves and happen to be manifested in the conglomerate that is your form).

Although you may falsely perceive that your body-mind and “you” are manifested to serve fabricated constructs, and, thusly, bind your subconscious energies to these “purposes,” the “purpose” of life is simply to be, know, and fully experience the joy of being/existing, or the joy of being (it?) Self (Tat Sat)…That which we can conceptualize, for the sake of understanding, as Pure, unattached, unbounded, undefined, unconfined, Love, if you will.

This is the Truth and only Reality.

And this is how I, or anyone, knows anything…And how do/can too…You are this Truth and Reality…Or, as the Rastafari people of Jamaica have chosen to express their understanding of this Truth: “I and I are one.”

Before you can be, know, and fully express your Self, however,–which is where Yoga and Meditation come in–you must first purify “yourself” from the ignorant attachments, aversions/hatreds, egoism, and fears that “you” have inherited, not just through social conditioning, but also through DNA memory, and that you have also generated through ignorant ego Karmas (thoughts, words, and actions that you falsely use to define and shape your sense and expression of “self” in the world), that manifest as, and as different expressions in, your current way of being/perceiving in the world.

You must merge back into your Pure, unbounded, eternal Spiritual Expression/essence whose Nature is to be Love and to be in Love. And, if Love is too much of a “big,” and/or “tainted” word for you, because you have somehow grown attached to its worldly “definitions” or reductions, just leave it at purely being your undistorted/unlimited/undefined Self in the world and be free.

You are already the “one and only,” the “best of the best” the “all that could, and ever will be…” but not in when you confine your Self to any body-mind-ego construct (no matter how pathetic or fancy). So, relax, clear your distortions, take care of your body and your mind, and just be your Self. Drop your ego and your self-reduction to your body-mind: that thing will only have you shamefully fighting for scraps of validation or survival in the ring of illusion/Maya, to be broadcasted on Pay-Per-View for mass Karmic entanglement and consumption.

Why reduce your Self to an object when you are unbounded, eternal, Spirit, and joy, itself?

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Thank you for reading.

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