“Think lovingly, speak lovingly, act lovingly, and every need shall be supplied.”

-James Allen

Rumi said it, Socrates said it, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, the Buddha, Mother Theresa, Jesus, and so many others throughout our history (both real and fictional)…And now our science is providing it…Personal transformation, evolution, and change occur from the inside out!

Change Through Love (Remastered and Rerecorded)

5 Daily Practices For Supporting Joyous Change Through Love in Your Life

1. Think positive Thoughts That Support you to maintain higher states of being:

Become more mindful of the thoughts that you are thinking throughout your day. If you catch yourself responding negatively to something that you are thinking, perceiving, or creating in your mind (whether it is a gloomy picture of the past, a negative interpretation of something that is occurring in your current experience, or a fearful projection of the future), just gently notice what is occurring within you before consciously making the choice to shift your focus to something that brings you happiness, something that provides a more neutral or positive perspective on the subject, or to something beautiful in your surroundings.

2. Create a Daily Mantra, affirmation, personal mission statement or a combination of the three:

This will support you with staying focused on any goals, projects, or states of beings that you want to achieve, and it is a wonderful way to reinforce what your values and higher personal truths are on a consistent basis. Your affirmations should be stated in the present tense, in the first person, and should be one to two sentences that positively uplift your spirits and align with your higher (Love) expressions. For Example, one good affirmation could be: “I am using my infinite power and potential, focus and intent, to create positive Change Through Love in my life in every moment.”

3. Reframe negative beliefs when you recognize them:

A belief is an energized thought that becomes repeated and reinforced consistently in our lives and often become accepted as truth when often they are simply just false opinions that are powerfully affirmed and reinforced….When you have an accumulation of negative thoughts around a subject, and therefore may have formed some strong beliefs around it, it is simply a sign that your brain has become habituated to an idea and will therefore create and perceive situations and occurrences that make your beliefs appear to be real. You can change your beliefs at any time, and therefore change how you see and interact with the world, and how the world appears to you. If you find yourself using words like never, must, always, should, can’t, won’t, and so forth, and don’t feel so great after uttering or thinking the thought that contain them, most likely you have developed a negative belief around the subject you are focusing on and this belief may be spilling over to affect other areas of your life as well. Stop the cycle!

Listen to what your negative beliefs are telling you, and then reframe them so that you can transform them into something that feels good or is more neutral and truthful (Pratipaksha Bhavana)…or, you can simply choose to let them go of your negative beliefs entirely, without replacing them with anything, after identifying them as false. Many of you may find this part difficult, but don’t worry, keep your intentions strong; no belief is impossible to transform or dissolve. Once you have reframed a belief after identifying it, or have created a new belief that supports you with moving forward more honestly and joyously, if you ever catch yourself falling back into an old, outdated, belief system, simply equip yourself with the reframed version that you opened yourself up to so that it will serve you in more positive ways. Your negative beliefs are often simply outdated patterns of thought that no longer serve you. Just let them go. They are not True. And only your attention to them supports their constant reinforcement in your life.

4. Indulge in happiness and joy:

When you are Loving, joyful, or any number of other emotions that simply feel good, extend the feeling out for as long as you can…And be sure to make the time to do more of the things you enjoy in life on a consistent basis. Spend time with people who make you feel awesome, and write and speak about the things that you are happy about, love, find beautiful, and/or that you are grateful for in your life!

5. Take Inspired Action When The Opportunity Arises:

Listen to your intuition, and take inspired action in your life or work when you feel the impulse to do so, but please make sure that you are in a higher emotional state before taking action. This will support you to make progress toward your goals, to build trust and confidence in what Love can do in your life, and to deepen your understanding of your power to steer your life in desired directions. This suggestion simply asks that you show up fully in your life in order to support yourself with manifesting more of what you desire to create.

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