Human Adaptability: Change, Health, And Yoga

The human body, mind, and co-created world are all incredibly complex, changeable, and adaptable. Evolution has made it so that the human body can perform a wide range of motions and tasks, and acclimate to a number of conditions and … Read MoreRead More

Human Potential To Be Better

Although there is a framework of thinking that states that all people are inherently “good,” it is more accurate to say that all people have the potential to be or do “good” based on their choice to do so…Behaviors are … Read MoreRead More

Week 1: Reflection On Letting Go And Starting Anew

Although starting over can sometimes feel like an incredibly difficult undertaking, always remember that in order for us to make room for who we are today we are often tasked with the important responsibility of letting go of many of … Read MoreRead More

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