Learn to let go of what is not right for you even when it is hard to do so. Release it.

Learn to be with what is right for you even when it is challenging to do so. Endure it.

Pray for the wisdom to discern, in moments of transition and change (when things can get particularly confusing), what you need to release versus what you simply need to nurture and grow through during difficult times of transformation. Embrace it.

And, most importantly, trust your inner compass every step along the way.

Although it can be difficult to sift through and beyond the noise of others and the world, and to stand in your own knowing at all times–especially when you stand alone on the precipice of what may seem to be a vast unknown–the voices outside of you are a distraction that will only lead you astray.

Know that whatever is placed before you–even if it is uncharted territory–is something that you (once you have developed and learned to trust your well-tuned and refined intuition and conscience) can learn and grow from, and/or move through and beyond. Always remember that your inner compass, unlike the noises and distractions of the world, will not bind you to suffering and/or delusional misconception fueled by ignorance and its accompaniments in the world with unconscious others. Your inner guide is on your side.

As long as you are consciously remaining aware and present with/within your experiences as you navigate through life, you will be able to clearly see what needs to be done at any given moment, and you will be unbothered/undisturbed by whatever comes your way.

This is why developing the skills of self-regulation, self-mastery, and self-awareness are vital for ensuring that, not only are you guided to create the best journey possible for yourself in this lifetime, but they also ensure that you live the most Truthful, meaningful, and fulfilling life possible in alignment with your Self as well…free to be you, in whatever form you are expressed at any given moment, without having to conform to any distorted/distorting shapes based on anyone else’s projections/delusions or without having to extinguish any aspects of your light to keep anyone comfortable in blindness and/or in an illusion that misses the fact that you are infinite potential expressing itself uniquely through an unchanging power that makes all things possible.

Release what you are not (your conditionings, your overidentification with form, your attachments, your ignorance, and so forth). Endure what you must in order to grow. And embrace all that you are and are constantly evolving into, until you come home fully to simply rest in your Self.

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