When you almost die too many times in a row to ignore (while living a very simple life), suffer immensely and alone for long enough to fully face your deepest fears and get to see who in the world truly cares about/for you, and, while you are healing, break through the illusions and facades that maintain your entrapment, you cannot go back to business as usual…Nor can you pretend that the things that once seemed important in life, simply because everyone is conditioned to think/say that they are important, are anything except elaborate wastes of time. When you realize who you are and what your True power is in this finite lifetime here on Earth, you step into a greater sacred mission, block out all of the noise around you, fully focus your energies and attention within and into your greater calling, and you never look back.

When I was called back to work on this site after a brief sabbatical designed to focus on myself, my life, my 2nd business, and to develop and master some new and exciting skills that were inevitably required for me to more fully be and express myself in the world, as well as effectively serve in an expanded way (while/after healing from a series of catastrophic and traumatic events), I gave a lot of thought (and feeling) to what this renewed website would accomplish.

I am happy to say that all of my growing and outgrowing has landed me in a place of renewed inspiration to get back to the basics of what inspired me to start this journey (that officially began with birthingthespirit.com in 2013), and, I am incredibly excited to share the first step on this refocused path with you!

On our refocused site (in which my former Coaching, Spiritually-focused, and Learning and Development sites are now renewed and condensed into one space, here, called kideciaking.com), I will give my full attention to one thing and one thing only…Our Practice of walking a higher path per what is expressed on Our Foundations page, which, in essence, still asks the very important question of What are you creating today?

Everything that we will explore here will be centered on making progress to secure and/or maintain your pure Self expression and Spiritual Liberation in, and beyond, this world in this lifetime, because nothing else in this world matters as much as resting in this Truth. We sacrifice everything to this focus, and paradoxically gain everything as a result.

What Are You Creating Today? | Episode 1: Welcome

I joyfully welcome you to this space centered on supporting and empowering your higher journey within.

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