Podcast Announcement | New Series

“Whether you are a longtime or new listener, I invite you to join me for our new Story-Time And Yoga Sutras series, which will complement and deepen our Sutra Studies Reflections and add a bit more understanding and context to … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Songs Introduction | Podcast Episode 79

“[T]hose of you who listen to the What are You Creating Today Podcast are probably wondering: “what’s next?” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 50: Reflections On Sustaining A Mind-Field That Grows No Seeds Of Ignorance (2.26) [Excerpt]

“Now, the good news, fortunately, is that the eightfold path provides a clear roadmap to the dissolution of this ignorance that is systematic and easy to follow. The one thing to be aware of here…is that even with this seemingly … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 45: Reflections On The Fact That What Binds You Sets You Free (Sutra 2.21) [Preview With Video]

“Suffering, when you look at its function on your path, can guide you back to that within you which can never truly suffer, and once you gain that connection with the Truth (from insight and integrated experience–even just as a … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 44: Reflections On The Fact That The Seer Is Pure Consciousness Perceiving (Sutra 2.20) [With Video]

“The real question, therefore, is: ‘how can you take all that you are seeking outside of yourself in the illusion of Maya, and the foundational illusion that your limited sense of self causes (by the most prominent error of ego … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 36: Reflections On The Second Type/Level of Samprajnata Samadhi | Nirvitarka (Sutra 43)

“…[O]ne can only understand a thing to their level of comprehension, or as Dennis Brown’s sweet voice sang in Revolution, “many are called, few are chosen.” This is the same for Yoga. Many are called to either work on their … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 31: Reflections On Using Sleep [And Dreams] For Steadiness Of Mind And To Prepare For Deeper Meditation (Sutra 38)

“[Y]ou can always get the help that you need from within you to recover from anything, and your subconscious mind is always standing by available to provide you with all that you need to do so.” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 30: Reflections On Drawing Inspiration And Strength From Attained And Liberated Spirits And Minds (Sutra 37)

“Keep this light in sight at all times because it is the best way to not lose your way in the darkness and illusory fog that covers this Earthly life experience.” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 29: Reflections On Focusing On The Blissful Light Within (Sutra 36)

“In order to best access this “supreme, ever-blissful light within,” only two things are truly required.” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 28: Reflections On Moving To Subtler Levels Of Awareness In Your Practice | Using Concentration On Your Senses To Gain Inner Peace (Sutra 35)

“If you want to permanently remove the veil of illusion that prevents you from seeing the truth of your True Self, however, you will have to either let it go of all false identities completely through total surrender to the … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 27: Reflections On The Breath-Mind (And Everything) Connection (Sutra 34)

“[B]reath keeps you functioning optimally on multiple dimensions, from the cellular to the emotional.” … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 26: Reflection On The Fact That The Way You Look At Others Should Not Disturb Your Inner Peace (Sutra 33)

“I, like most people, grew up with the myth that all humans are inherently good, by nature, but this, idea, which most likely emerged from religious ideologies that attempted to shape the way humans understood the world and, therefore, influence … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 24: Reflections On The 9 Main Distractions That Can Turn Into Obstacles To Samadhi On Your Eightfold Path (Sutra 30) [With Guided Audio Exercise/Meditation]

“Distractions are inevitable in life, but staying stuck because of them, and allowing them to become obstacles on your path, is not. Distractions can only turn into obstacles if you allow them to grow unchecked or unaddressed for too long, … Read MoreRead More