Week 21: Check-In | As Above, So Below (Sutra 27)

Total knowledge is contained in the sound and symbol OM. (And please keep in mind that I do not use the word “total” lightly here either). Everything–all that exists in the entire universe, within time, space, and all of life–is … Read MoreRead More

Week 16: Check-in | Pathways To Asamprajnata Samadhi (With Infographic)

According to Patanjali, there are two ways in which the state of Undistinguished, or Asamprajnata Samadhi (marked by being completely void of mental modifications), can occur. One pathway is through reaching this state of consciousness via “celestial/cosmic” connection that makes … Read MoreRead More

Week 12: Check-in | Why You Lose Interest In Lower Desires When You Connect To The Truth Of Who You Really Are

The human animal, like all other animals on planet Earth, is an inherently terrified creature whose primary aim is to stay alive. After that preservation of life, our species then pursues pleasure, and attempts to avoid pain, based on our … Read MoreRead More

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