A Simple Mental Exercise For Breaking The Habit of Worry And Releasing Stress & Anxiety From The Mind

Let go of your worries, even for just a moment. Just put them down and be free to see what will happen next. Are you ready to try this with me? To stir up a moment (or two) of quick … Read MoreRead More

Week 9: Reflections On Practicing At All Times (Sutra 13)

“If you practiced at all [this week], I want to take the time to congratulate you on simply sticking with this important undertaking since the act of practicing in and of itself is one major part of your journey. But, … Read More

Week 9: Practicing At All Times (Sutra 13)

“Of these two, effort toward steadiness of mind is practice.” –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Tatra Sthitau Yatno’bhyasah Tatra: of these | Sthitau: in steadiness | Yatnah (yatno): effort | Abhyasah: practice “[B]ecome eternally watchful, scrutinizing every thought, every word … Read MoreRead More

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