If Your Ego Is Bigger Than Existence Itself, Then It Might Only Be Full Of Itself

If you place value on the thoughts, opinions, and judgments of others (good or bad), then, most likely, you also place value on your own thoughts, opinions, and judgments, which means that you are giving more relevance and importance to … Read MoreRead More

What Is The Ego? | The Deceptive “self” That Binds

The ego sense-of “I” needs “others” and things to survive and to exist; it is born, dies, and is reborn based on shifting “markers of identity” tied to body-mind experiences, “accumulations,” “relationships,” and “losses,” and it is inherently bound to … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 51: Check-In | The Distinction Between Pain And Suffering (Ignorance And Knowledge/Awareness)

Making the distinction between pain and suffering, or ignorance and knowledge, is simple in principle, but the distinction often requires a high level of discernment, which is where things fall apart for most people. If a person is steeped in … Read MoreRead More