The Eightfold Path of Yoga-Part 1: Limbs One And Two | Yamas and Niyamas

The Context of Your Reality In Your Family, Community, Society, The World & Self

Yoga is not just about posing (in all possible definitions and connotations of the word).

Yoga is a well-studied and well-practiced way of living and existing that exercises, and works with, all aspects of one’s being, from the physical to the mental, and everything in between.

It is a science of the mind and body that empowers its practitioners with more elevated self-expressions if these practitioners are diligent in their work and devoted enough to their learning and self-study to work toward the ultimate aim of freeing her/himself from the ongoing sufferings of life through self-realization/actualization of her/his divine self.

Asanas, or stretches, which is the limb of the Eightfold path that most people have associated with Yoga in Western society, is only one aspect of this all-encompassing practice.

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Week 2: Your Practice Is Your Path (Sutra 1)

We all know, or should know by now, that the only way to truly develop a skill and gain mastery in it, regardless of any natural predisposition or innate talent that we may possess, is to practice that skill. This observation remains true with everything from walking to juggling, to cooking and Yoga/meditation.


Atha: Now | Yoga: Yoga (Union) | Anusasanam: Exposition (comprehensive explanation or display)/Instruction/Discipline/Regiment/Order

In Yoga, our practice is composed of eight primary skill sets that can be found in the guidance of the Eight Fold Path. These skills, when mastered individually and collectively, are what gets us from where we are as human animals (bumbling around in the world propelled by impulses and unconscious drives) to our ultimate goal of becoming self-realized/actualized human beings who have full control and understanding of life and of ourselves. These eight skills include our:

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