Sutra Studies Week 58: Asana, On The Eightfold Path, Is Balanced, Undisturbed, Posture That Creates Fitness On More Than One Level And For [Ultimately] A Non-Physical Spiritual Purpose (Sutras 2.46-2.48)

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Regulating Your Body-Mind/self | Part 3-Asana, Society, And The Self | Satsang Full Recording | 11-9-21

This meeting explores the function of Asana in understanding the self/Self and society. In this session/presentation we explore the practical reason for the practice of Asana and how it helps in life and spirituality. … Read More

Yoga Tip/Challenge # 5: Customize Poses To Your Unique Body

Please remember that you are not stretching to become a circus contortionist (in most cases). Everyone’s body is unique, so stretch your muscles in your poses without engaging your ego by comparing your body to anyone else’s or trying to … Read More