Your Greatest Aim In Life | Goals, Resolutions, And Liberation

You have probably already heard the saying that “you were not born to eat, sleep, work, and then die,” or something like that. And yet, when people think about goal-setting, even in their Yoga practice, they often (no matter how … Read MoreRead More

What Is Personal Coaching? And What It Is Not…

Coaching is not advice-giving. It is personalized empowerment…through experientially-focused, growth-bringing conversations that promote self-awareness, solution-finding, resourcefulness, and deep inner-learning, providing and facilitating the discovery of valuable inner-tools and skills, and keeping individuals (and/or groups) on track to achieving their desired … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 24: Reflections On The 9 Main Distractions That Can Turn Into Obstacles To Samadhi On Your Eightfold Path (Sutra 30) [With Guided Audio Exercise/Meditation]

“Distractions are inevitable in life, but staying stuck because of them, and allowing them to become obstacles on your path, is not. Distractions can only turn into obstacles if you allow them to grow unchecked or unaddressed for too long, … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 23: Check-In | Honoring Your Sankalpa/Commitment To Your Japa Practice

This page is protected and requires group access … Read More

Let Your Faith Be Solid

Let your faith be so solid, and your purpose become so clear, that you walk your unique life path with the same confidence in your Higher Power/Higher Self that you have in the floor when you wake up each day, … Read More

Where Do Most Of Your Solutions Begin?

Not all of your problems start with you, but your solutions mainly do. … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 11: Check-In | How Attachment To Desires Creates Suffering And Wasted Energy

If you are stressed about the outcome of a situation, feeling pain and/or anxiety when you think about obtaining a goal, or generally feel frazzled, overly excited, or drained when you think about the future, the chances are that you … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 10: Reflections on Practicing Continuously And With Commitment For As Long As It Takes (Sutra 14)

What is your “why” for practicing? “When it comes to spiritual work, no one can ever define or understand it’s personal value except…[you], but the fact of the matter is that most people generally pursue self-development and spiritual work because … Read MoreRead More

8 Limbs Of Yoga Outlined | The Patanjali Eightfold Eight-Limbed Path

A Summary | Inspired By The Raja (Royal)/Patanjali Ashtanga Eight-Limbed Path There are many ways to define Yoga by modern standards. In practice, however, Yoga is a higher, intelligent, lifestyle choice marked by striving to be the best human being … Read MoreRead More

A Simple Formula For Accomplishing Your Goals

When I was studying abroad in India in my Junior year of college, I came across a sign that I will always remember. One day, my classmates and I were visiting a very popular fort/castle in the beautiful city of … Read MoreRead More