8 Definitions of Yoga: A Summary As Inspired By The Eightfold Path

There are many ways to define Yoga.

In essence, however, it is a lifestyle choice marked by striving to be the best human-being that one is capable of being in this lifetime.

The aim of the lifestyle/practice is to move from surviving/existing as a basic conditioned animal, to truly living as an enlightened human-being while embodied here on Earth. And, there are many paths/steps for achieving this goal.

In one lifetime, a human can strive to perfect one or more of the different areas of their development in order to become more than just a simple animal, but it is only when all eight possible areas of development are perfected that one truly graduates to reaching their highest potential.

So, What is Yoga?

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A Simple Formula For Accomplishing Your Goals

When I was studying abroad in India in my Junior year of college, I came across a sign that I will always remember.

One day, my classmates and I were visiting a very popular fort/castle in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer. As we navigated through the rooms of the impressive structure with our imaginations and our senses heightened, I came across a painted sign that declared (obviously not in these exact words, but the picture is included in this post’s featured image): “Do your best and Ganesha will do the rest.”

I was enchanted…partly, because I was a fan of the symbolic meaning of the Lord Ganesha and all that he/it represented, but mainly because I knew that there was power and truth in that statement.

If you want to accomplish any goal in life, according to both Coaching Sciences and Yoga, the formula is simple:

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Week 2: Your Practice Is Your Path

We all know, or should know by now, that the only way to truly develop a skill and gain mastery in it, regardless of any natural predisposition or innate talent that we may possess, is to practice that skill. This observation remains true with everything from walking to juggling, to cooking and Yoga/meditation.


Atha: Now | Yoga: Yoga (Union) | Anusasanam: Exposition (comprehensive explanation or display)/Instruction/Discipline/Regiment/Order

In Yoga, our practice is composed of eight primary skill sets that can be found in the guidance of the Eight Fold Path. These skills, when mastered individually and collectively, are what gets us from where we are as human animals (bumbling around in the world propelled by impulses and unconscious drives) to our ultimate goal of becoming self-realized/actualized human beings who have full control and understanding of life and of ourselves. These eight skills include our:

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