Week 24: Reflections On The 9 Main Obstacles To Samadhi On Your Eightfold Path (Sutra 30) [With Guided Audio Exercise/Meditation]

“Distractions are inevitable in life, but staying stuck because of them, and allowing them to become obstacles on your path, is not. Distractions can only turn into obstacles if you allow them to grow unchecked or unaddressed for too long, otherwise, they are, interestingly enough, opportunities for your growth and positive movement forward.”

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Week 23: Check-In | Honoring Your Sankalpa/Commitment To Your Japa Practice

Spin it, flip it, and bake it how you like, but the fact of the matter is that commitment is required to achieve the true benefits of Yoga that you seek (the full version of the practice that encompasses all Eight Limbs that include, and are not simply limited to, Asana exercises). Yoga that is devoted to reaching an enlightened state of Self-Realization requires effort each and every single day. This is especially true if you are incorporating a Japa routine into your practice.

Once your preferred mantra has been selected for your Japa practice, commitment is the water that creates the right conditions for the seed of your unwavering, heart-felt intention/vow, or Sankalpa, to take root and grow. Commitment is what makes your goal of connection with your True Self possible since the very act of sticking with your Japa practice is what supports you with developing the power, strength, and clarity that is required to achieve your goal of full Self-Realization to begin with.

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