“Distractions are inevitable in life, but staying stuck because of them, and allowing them to become obstacles on your path, is not. Distractions can only turn into obstacles if you allow them to grow unchecked or unaddressed for too long, otherwise, they are, interestingly enough, opportunities for your growth and positive movement forward.”

Week 24 Reflections

I have created an accompanying Guided Meditation exercise for Students, designed to support with clearing distractions and obstacles that get in the way of your well-being and goals. You can find the meditation below.

For this exercise, you simply need a distraction-free and comfortable space in which you can “tune into” yourself/your Self for the duration of the recording.

Please feel free to contact me if you are not a Student, but wish to purchase the Guided Meditation for personal use.


Student Subscriber Content Starts Here:

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