Destructive Attachment Or Healthy Connection? | Toxic Relationships With People And In The World

Are you aware of the attachments that keep you bound to suffering in the world? Can you identify why you have them, and what they reveal about your deeper conditionings, perceptions, and sense of ego-identity in relationship to others and … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 67: Reflections On The Fact That Discernment Is A Valuable Guru (Sutras 3.53-3.54) [Excerpt]

“You have probably heard the platitude that you can be and do anything that you set your mind to in life…and this is absolutely true to a very large extent when it comes to worldly accomplishments and the typical objects … Read MoreRead More

Is Your Love Liberating Or Binding?

Expectations, ultimatums, attachments, fears, power-plays, abuse, disrespect, and other ego-fueled transactional behaviors represent an absence of Love, not the presence of it. … Read More