Destructive Attachment Or Healthy Connection? | Toxic Relationships With People And In The World

Are you aware of the attachments that keep you bound to suffering in the world? Can you identify why you have them, and what they reveal about your deeper conditionings, perceptions, and sense of ego-identity in relationship to others and … Read MoreRead More

True Freedom Has No Conditions: It Is Free

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Sutra Studies Week 76: Check-In | Pure, Uninterrupted Flow Of Consciousness/Awareness Frees You From The Bonds Of Karma And False Overidentification With Form

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Your Pain, Like The Truth, Can (Shall) Set You Free

Pain–and any obstacle that you may encounter on your path that leads to pain–is often a blessing in disguise (when you develop the eyes to see beyond the illusions and distortions of this world). Pain can help you to fortify … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 64: Check-In | If You Truly Want Liberation, You Must Release Your Attachment To All That Keeps You Trapped

Endless desires will bring you endless suffering. And ongoing attachment to outcomes and objects (tangible and intangible) only leads to ongoing dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment. This is guaranteed. … Read More

Live In Alignment With Your Self

Live your life in alignment with your Self. In your unique expression here on Earth, you are not like anyone else and you do not have to live your life like (or to please) anyone else, nor do you have … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 44: Check-In | Tuning Into The “All That Is”

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On Being (Beyond Illusion)

Humans are constantly looking for perfection in form when this type of perfection is not possible. Many seek perfection in their physical expression that will decay and die. Some seek perfection in their status that will mean nothing if at … Read MoreRead More

An I Am Affirmation For Self-Alignment

Neither my body nor my mind is perfect. Only I am perfection. Neither my body nor my mind is free. Only I am freedom. Neither my speech nor my attitude nor my life is immaculate. Only I am immaculate. Only … Read MoreRead More

Your Inner Landscape Matters

Create a peaceful inner landscape that is pleasant to reside within as you go about your day-to-day life. … Read More