Endless desires will bring you endless suffering. And ongoing attachment to outcomes and objects (tangible and intangible) only leads to ongoing dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment. This is guaranteed.

No matter how much you accumulate and achieve in life, if you are constantly seeking more and cannot find satisfaction and contentment within you, and with what you have now (yes, right now), you will never find peace or fulfillment with anything you gain.

If you are constantly seeking more and cannot find satisfaction and contentment with what you have now, or with what you naturally gain as you expand and move forward in life, you will constantly be looking out into the world for something “better” while failing to appreciate the full beauty and value of what you currently have now due to mental delusions and the disease of insecurity that leads to endless desiring accompanied by the fear that you are “missing out,” or not getting enough.

If you continually look to, and into, the world for fulfillment, you will always be seeking more and always be experiencing lack (no matter how “rich” you may be or become), because nothing in this world is lasting or eternally fulfilling.

Looking for fulfillment in the world will only leave you depraved and feeling deprived at all times, hence, the relevance and accuracy of the “hungry ghosts” metaphor from Buddism that generally describes all unconscious human-beings existing on planet Earth absorbed in desire-fueled consumption sustained and normalized by money-focused societies.

This pattern is one that I have observed over and over again from my studies and in a substantial number of the people who I interact with through my work. And this pattern is only a symptom of dysregulated body-mind ego complexes living in societies that keep generating 1-100 trillionaires/billionaires in each lifetime for “aspiration” and admiration (some of whom only provide the “resource/value” of fleeting “entertainment” and/or distraction, if not outright destruction of the environment) that generates more feelings of depravation and desire for the billions of impoverished and/or surviving (or barely surviving) others who exist in the world disconnected from their True Nature and True infinite abundance.

I have observed the dysregulating effects of the word “no” on “grown adults” countless times throughout my time here on Earth, watched people reduce themselves to raging disrespectful animals over objects, witnessed ego posturing waiting for acknowledgement and boosts over empty things, heard horror stories about how people have been treated in the name of greed (even when the greedy actors do not even truly benefit directly from what they do), and everything in between.

The simple fact of the matter is that humans mainly suffer, and create suffering, here on Earth because most feel depraved and dissatisfied within themselves even in the midst of the ever-present availability of eternal fulfillment that is a direct expression of their inherent divinity. And this inner void, fueling endless desire and destructive Karmas, has nothing to do with anything except for humans’ disconnection from the Self, which unfortunately, societies (past and present, and most likely future) run on.

You have most likely heard it before (but it is always worth saying again): freedom, fulfillment, and all the things that you are looking for, can only be found within you. Period. Billions of excuses exist arguing for the contrary, but no Real evidence exists to support a model where fulfilment is gained from worldly accumulations alone, while the opposite has certainly been proven countless times throughout time and history.

Plainly and simply, the key to your liberation and fulfillment is on a higher inner path. Before you walk this path with any “success,” however, you must identify, and find any attachment and depravation within you that needs to be cleared, through Yama and Niyama practice, no matter how mild or sneaky these attachments and depravations may be. Once you find these attachments and depravations, you can then soothe them with the eternal power of the Truth of your wholeness gradually (or quickly depending on your purity and devotion) as you move up the Eightfold (or any other higher) Path to your full connection and liberation.

Denial of your disconnection, by excusing, and performing mental gymnastics to argue for, desire-fueled pursuits that are centered on worldly attachments, even of the super-physical kind, before you actually gain connection, only keeps you trapped within the illusions of Maya.

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