Live your life in alignment with your Self.

In your unique expression here on Earth, you are not like anyone else and you do not have to live your life like (or to please) anyone else, nor do you have to live by any external standards that do not suit your nature. Remember that you only take your Self with you when you die.

You are free to assume the most peaceful posture for you that allows you to remain unattached and untangled within Maya (your metaphorical meditative Asana that maintains equanimity on your journey).

Breaking your conditioning will help you to fully know, and live, this Truth without creating any negative Karma that harms you or others along the way. Live and let live in peace.

Pursue what is meaningful and right for you. You do not need to explain yourself, your choices, your preferences, or your life to any other human being (especially those with whom you never signed/made any agreements/commitments with/to outside of the basic ethical conduct that you extend to all beings).

Ensure that your main commitment is to/with your Self.

It is your energy that will be devoted to living in/with your body-mind-spirit.

Clear away and/or disregard any inherent/inherited ignorance within and outside of you that takes you away from this Truth.

Your liberation must be claimed and accessed only by you; no one else can grant you this authority or take it away from you.

Thank you for reading.

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