It is only in forgetting your True Self that you can feel that you are anything less than perfect in every moment.

And it is only because of others’ sense of disconnection from themselves that the world seems to reinforce the illusion of anything to the contrary.

Although many buy into the facade of the delusionally overinflated importance of temporary transient states of physical and other fleeting expressions as the definition of “perfection,” these things are only an illusion. We are not all perfect because of anything other than the fact that we are.

It seems radical to say this because the illusions of the ego and the ego-sustaining world will constantly tell you that there is something or another that you can, or should, improve upon in order to be this or that in any given situation or for one reason or another (and some things may temporarily provide the pleasurable feelings that most people constantly seek out at any cost and falsely assume are real rewards in life). The only thing that is worth improving upon, however, is your connection with what is True about your unchanging, pure, and perfect nature…The only nature through which all actions and expressions can be a reflection of real perfection as opposed to just an imitation of it.

I am here to remind you that you are perfect as you are in every moment. You cannot improve upon the perfection that is already there.

This perfection is the perfection of creation itself, and only a life lived honoring this perfection can be considered a true reflection of perfection.

The sooner you understand this and live this Truth, the easier it will be to create and accept all Earthly change (which is inevitable in life), and the more equipped you will become at living your life fully and freely without attachment.

There is no form that is “perfect” for you to ever aspire, or cling, to without understanding its impermanence in the world. Even life itself cannot, and will not, last forever in your physical body; everything here will fade away and die (even if prolonged for the longest possible time).

When you live in the space of your True Self, however, you will know that it cannot be modified or improved upon and that only the fruits that come from this place will reflect the “good” that you seek in life. This Self, and the “Source” itself, is the only thing that is perfect at all times when it comes to human existence.

Simply enjoy the fact that perfection in the world is the ever-changing expression of the unchanging Self that is everpresent at the center of all things.

Connect with this perfection and everything else will be perfectly reflected.

Thank you for reading.

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