Week 25: Reflections On Meditation As A Means To Create Freedom From The Trauma And Suffering Caused By Separation From The Source And The True Self (Sutras 31-32)

“In Yoga, after you have practiced bringing or directing your attention to a common center or objective, first using gross and then subtle objects, the aim is to eventually make your focal point the essence and meaning of OM.

You metaphorically move from the bottom of the symbol to the top and eventually focus on the dot at the top of the symbol, which represents the pure source of all of creation (as discussed in our previous weeks’ Sutra Studies), and you merge back into the true self through these efforts of concentration.”

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Week 21: Check-In | As Above, So Below (Sutra 27)

Total knowledge is contained in the sound and symbol OM. (And please keep in mind that I do not use the word “total” lightly here either).

Everything–all that exists in the entire universe, within time, space, and all of life–is represented by and contained in, and within, the sound and symbol OM/AUM.

And OM/AUM stands as the most accurate symbol of the totality of existence/reality not only because of what it represents, but also because of how flawlessly complete it is in it’s communication of its message on infinite different levels and dimensions simultaneously.

When the word, symbol, and sound OM/AUM is contemplated on the deepest possible level, absolutely nothing gets lost or excluded.

OM/AUM is the word, sound, and symbol that contains all that there is to know in life, and, in Yoga, OM/AUM is also considered to be the true name and sound of “God.”

In Yoga, OM/AUM is the sound, word, and symbol that represents the one and true “Creator” and all that exists within all of creation.

OM is both the Source and the True Self that we seek to connect to/with within us and all around us through deep meditation and contemplation.

In the Christian Bible, it is written that first came “the word.”

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The Importance of Stress Reduction For Optimal Heart Health And Overall Well-Being

Our hearts, brains, and guts are key control centers for processing and managing emotions and for keeping us alive, well, and fully functioning as we navigate through life. And the effects of stress on each of these centers, and, therefore, our overall well-being is becoming clearer with more research each day.

While normal stress (engaging in new and novel activities and interactions, learning and growing, participating in healthy physical activities, etc) is necessary for helping us to grow and develop resilience and happiness in life, overwhelming, chronic, and toxic (destructive to our mental health) stress has a definite negative impact on our health and overall well-being (physiologically in and in all possible ways).

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