How Does Chronic Stress Impact The Different Body Systems? And How Does Yoga-Meditation Help?

The effects of chronic stress on the body’s many systems and functions can be severe. Many physical and mental health problems can result from chronic and poorly managed stress. Finding effective solutions to lessen the detrimental consequences of chronic stress … Read MoreRead More

How The Truth, In Yoga, Sets You Free

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Working On Your Buddhi: What You Need To Think Effectively

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Story-Time And The Yoga Sutras | Story 2: The Farmer’s Luck | Podcast Episode 84 [Excerpt]

“Your thoughts impact everything from your behavior[s] to your physiology…it is important to remain unattached to life’s occurrences and to…[your] often automatic, conditioned, compulsive interpretive thoughts about them…” … Read More

Story-Time And The Yoga Sutras | Story 1: The Empty Cup | Podcast Episode 83 [Excerpt]

“This parable, which I…added some color and detail to that I hope you enjoyed, is often told to emphasize the point that if you want to learn something new, you must first be open-minded and willing to let go of … Read MoreRead More

Building Resilience After Trauma: Important Ways With Yoga And Meditation

What Is Trauma? Trauma is not a disease, a deficiency, nor an event. Even though Trauma is accompanied, and identified, by body-mind dis-ease (or dysregulation), that may be triggered by an event, or a series of (unfortunate) events, Trauma responses … Read MoreRead More

Nirodha In Yoga: How To “Restrain” The Modifications Of The Mind-Stuff And Rest In Your True Nature

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Key Ways Of Knowing In Yoga

There is a reason that one of the most important ways of knowing in Yoga (a fundamental aspect of the field’s epistemology) is through direct experience with clear/undistorted (“uncolored”) awareness. This kind of knowing gives you the advantage of clarity … Read MoreRead More

What Us? What Them? | Challenge Question Of The Day: How Colonized/Conditioned Is Your “Spirituality?”

There is only one “Spirit” shining, ever-present, through/throughout all beings/forms, and in/within/as all of existence, so, this naturally means that this is so regardless of the form that anything shows up in at any given moment. But the question is: … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 76: Reflections On The Fact That The Path Is Cleared When “You” Get Out Of The Way (Sutras 4.27-4.33)

“In Sutra 4.27 Patanjali reminds us that as you become rooted and grounded in your understanding of who you are beyond the fluctuations of your mind and form, you may experience distracting thoughts in between moments when your mind gravitates … Read MoreRead More