“In Sutra 4.27 Patanjali reminds us that as you become rooted and grounded in your understanding of who you are beyond the fluctuations of your mind and form, you may experience distracting thoughts in between moments when your mind gravitates toward the Truth and Absoluteness, but do not be disheartened because these distractions can be corrected by simply engaging in any of the obstacle clearing techniques and methodologies that we have explored in our studies.

Focus on the exhalation and retention of your breath, on your subtle sense perceptions, on the supreme ever-blissful light within, on a soul who has been liberated…on an experience had during dream…on anything that is liberating, and work to neutralize, or recognize the ignorance of, negative thoughts when they arise. Keep a regular practice, and practice continuously and earnestly each and every day. Take care to remain in constant spiritual discernment and you will set a solid foundation for success on your path.”

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