Week 29: Focusing On The Blissful Light Within (Sutra 36)

Or by concentrating on the supreme, ever-blissful Light within [you can create steadiness of the mind and remove mental obstacles and their accompaniments].

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Visoka Va Jyotismati

Visoka: blissful (sorrow-less) | Va: or | Jyotismati: the internal Supreme Light

Focusing on the eternal, unchanging blissful light within is an excellent way to gain mental steadiness and peace of mind.

There are many ways to achieve this focus and the possibilities are only limited to/by your imagination.

To get us started, however, Sri Swami Sachidananda proposes three useful images to focus on for inner peace and balance. One image is of “a brilliant divine light which is beyond all anxieties, fear and worry.” The other two recommendations are to “visualize a brilliant globe in your heart representing your Divine Consciousness…[o]r [to] imagine [that] your heart contains a beautiful glowing lotus.”

These three images are an excellent place to start your mental exercise of reflecting on the blissful inner light, but, today, I am going to take the Swami’s recommendations a step further and present you with a few very simple additional details/actions that you can add to your practice/exercise/meditation that will immensely enhance its effects.

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