The Importance of Stress Reduction For Optimal Heart Health And Overall Well-Being

Our hearts, brains, and guts are key control centers for processing and managing emotions and for keeping us alive, well, and fully functioning as we navigate through life. And the effects of stress on each of these centers, and, therefore, our overall well-being is becoming clearer with more research each day.

While normal stress (engaging in new and novel activities and interactions, learning and growing, participating in healthy physical activities, etc) is necessary for helping us to grow and develop resilience and happiness in life, overwhelming, chronic, and toxic (destructive to our mental health) stress has a definite negative impact on our health and overall well-being (physiologically in and in all possible ways).

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Releasing Toxic Stress, Trauma, And Adversity From The Mind And Body Through Yoga

The effect of toxic stress, traumatic events, and adversity on the mind and body varies from person to person, but it has been well documented, and studied, that if events and circumstances are so overwhelming that victims are unable to quickly recover by integrating these occurrences into their life and being, toxic stress, traumatic events, and adversity can all have long-lasting and devastating consequences for their victims’ mind, body, and life. And, ultimately, through the resulting karma (actions that have a cause and effect in the world) that comes from these occurrences, toxic stress, traumatic events, and adversity can also have devastating effects on one’s family, community, society, and the world as a whole as well.

Events/circumstances such as natural disasters, social and economic disenfranchisement, irreversible environmental pollution, devastating loss, forced migration, war, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, vehicular accidents, child abuse, emotional abuse, oppressive/aggressive work places, living in dangerous neighborhoods, racial, sexual, or religious discrimination, witnessing the violation or trauma of others, or psychological shock of any kind, etc, can all have long-lasting and devastating impacts on a person’s life and psyche.

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What The Four Noble Truths Remind Us About Suffering, Trauma, Adversity, and Healing

I first learned about the Four Noble Truths in my sophomore (it had to be my second and not first) year of High School. I know this as a fact because I distinctly remember being yelled at my a fellow classmate when I raised my hand to recite the first truth.

I remember the moment clearly because he reacted to my answer with such anger and force that he not only revealed that he had not completed his homework assignment, but also made it seem as if I were the one who had first discovered and shared the understanding with our group.

I assume now, reflecting back at his response, that maybe the knowledge of this great understanding was a bit too much for his teenage mind to grasp, since he had just barely started his life’s journey and may have had some hope that things would only get better and better from where he stood, or, maybe, he was simply in denial like most people tend to be.

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