Honor Your Unique Expression

Always remember this: Nothing in your life, or within you, is a failure or a success, everything is either experience to choose from, achievements or pleasures to temporarily enjoy, obstacles to overcome, or lessons to learn, test out, and/or apply. … Read MoreRead More

Eight-Limbed Mantra Meditation

This page is protected and requires group access … Read More

8 Limbs Of Yoga Outlined | The Patanjali Eightfold Eight-Limbed Path

A Summary | Inspired By The Raja (Royal)/Patanjali Ashtanga Eight-Limbed Path There are many ways to define Yoga by modern standards. In practice, however, Yoga is a higher, intelligent, lifestyle choice marked by striving to be the best human being … Read MoreRead More

The Eight-Limbed Path Of Yoga-Part 4: Limbs Seven And Eight | Dhyana And Samadhi

The Context of Your Reality In The Realm Of Connecting With, And Expressing, Your True Nature/Self The last two limbs of the Eight-Limbed Path are focused entirely on your concentration and understanding of your True Self as an aspect/expression of … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 5: Reflections On Discovering Our True Self Identity (Sutra 4)

“When we calm our minds and remove all of our different identifications with sub identities…(and of course we would do this through the practice of meditation), we can not only then connect with the truth of our unity with all … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 4: Reflections On Looking Into The Mirror of Our Projected Mind (Sutra 3)

“Oftentimes we avoid challenges, discomfort, and certain experiences in life because we are afraid of the pain that they will bring. But if we look at our difficult conversations, experiences, and encounters as powerful opportunities for us to grow and … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 4: Check-in | Ask Yourself This Question Every Day

What small improvements are you making to move you closer to your higher expressions today?

Sutra Studies Week 3: Check-in | Why Practice Yoga?

When we practice Yoga each day, we gain mastery of/over the most important thing that we really have (or need to have) control of in our lives; we gain control of our self (in the form of the ego-body-mind). And … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 2: Reflections On The Practice As The Path (Sutra 1)

“Music has always been an important part of my life, and singing even more so since, from childhood, song has been my primary way to connect with my spirit and to safely work through emotions in order to express my … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 2: Your Practice Is Your Path (Sutra 1)

“Now the exposition of Yoga is being made.” –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Atha Yoganusasanam Atha: Now | Yoga: Yoga (Union) | Anusasanam: Exposition (comprehensive explanation or display)/Instruction/Discipline/Regiment/Order We all know, or should know by now, that the only way … Read MoreRead More