Sutra Studies Week 3: Check-in | Why Practice Yoga?

When we practice Yoga each day, we gain mastery of the most important thing that we really have control of in our lives, we gain control of our self.

With this control, we can then gradually eliminate all false self-expressions from our being, such as the expression of the conditioned self, the wounded self, the self in the context of society, and so forth, and get back to the essence of our self within the context of our existence, in reality, as an expression of the divine spark of life.

Practicing Yoga is about making space within our bodies and minds for our highest and truest expression to shine through.

It is about embodying this highest expression so often enough that it then becomes our default expression, coloring and shaping our overall lived experience.

Always remember that the more you let go of your false self expressions, the more fully you will come into your higher expressions and more fully back to Love. This will give you more freedom and control in your life to create less suffering and to generate more joy.

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