Always remember this: Nothing in your life, or within you, is a failure or a success, everything is either experience to choose from, achievements or pleasures to temporarily enjoy, obstacles to overcome, or lessons to learn, test out, and/or apply.

Do not get attached. Your ego, and the egos of those lost in the Maya/illusions of the world (only those who are disconnected from their True Self) may try to convince you of something else, but your True Self is undisturbed by these illusions.

You were not born to be anything for anyone except your Self–your own unique expression in the one whole of all of creation. Never allow others, who have not found the innate value/Love within themselves or who do not care about or Love you, to try to convince you that you need to be more of what they think they want/need you to be in order to be loved or accepted by them. You only need your own Love and acceptance. Leave people like that to learn to fill their own internal voids of Love for themselves since everyone has this capacity within them to do so.

Who Is Testing You?

There is no final grade that is determined by a source outside of you in life, so do not waste your time looking there. The only “reward” of this life experience is to connect with, and live as, your True Self undistorted by the misconceptions and attachments to/of the world…to do no harm and to be your true and full expression in Love with creation and in your true nature.

You have a lifetime to live, a lifetime to get to know/be who you are.

That is your gift, both to yourself and to the world. And this gift is more than enough; everything else is extra.

Keep moving forward at your own pace that is right for, and Loving toward, you. This is your life. You are in the driver’s seat and you are not in a race or a competition with anyone, so don’t even get off track to play that game.

This journey within your unique expression is yours and yours alone, and you are best served owning and honoring this without apologies.

Be yourself. There can never be another you.

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