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Before you are liberated from the limitations of form, life will bring inevitable and ongoing suffering. There is a beginning and a cause to all suffering. There is an end to all suffering. There is also a path that liberates you entirely from the perpetual cycle of ongoing and inevitable suffering that comes from being bound by the (just described) Karmic (cause and effect) reality…This path is an inward path known as the Eightfold/Eight-Limbed Path. The understanding that outlines the essence of the phenomena just presented here is called The Four Noble Truths, and your Sadhana practice is how you successfully walk this Eight-Limbed path to freedom/Liberation.

Yoga is a scientific and systematic practice designed to create Union in/of your body, mind, and spirit.

The practical application of this important science empowers you to clear away the distortions and conditionings that keep you trapped in the perpetual cycle of Karma, ignorance, and suffering tied to human life on planet Earth so that you can purely embody your True, undistorted, Self and become liberated from the illusions, projections, and nonsense attached to your ego, “others,” and society in this lifetime (and live in a state of True, unshakable, joy and fulfillment that is not disturbed by the experience of pleasure or pain).

Your Sadhana is your daily spiritual practice, and it is the key to your success on your Eight-Limbed/Eightfold Path to the liberation and Self-Realization that you seek through the process of Union known as Yoga. Your Sadhana not only supports you with overcoming the inevitable obstacles on your path, but is also the means by which you develop the self-mastery, focus, awareness, understanding, resilience, discernment, and clarity to achieve connection through/from/on your inner journey.

Combined with our Asana, Pranayama, Meditation/Meditation Prep, and other courses, this course serves as the cornerstone educational resource that you need to support and empower you with the information and tools to get started with crafting and implementing the most effective Sadhana practice for you. This course, when applied effectively to your life and practice is key to your “success” on your inner journey.

Sutra Studies Excerpt | Week 64: Reflections On Not Getting Stuck Due To Worldly Pursuits, Or Seduced By “Supernatural” And Super-Physical Accomplishments (Sutra 3.38) | Maya=Illusion

“Atha Yoganushasanam” (Yoga Sutra 1).

Now that you are ready, now that you are committed to merging into your highest potential for human manifestation, let’s begin our discourse on creating Union of body-mind and spirit, and securing your Liberation from the suffering and bondage caused by Self-ignorance in this lifetime...Remembering, at all times, that, at its core, Yoga is simply a “journey of the self, through the self, to the Selfas we are reminded of in the Bhagavad Gita.