The only reason for virtually all of your suffering in life is identifying with/reacting to the illusions and noise of the world as opposed to staying connected with the Truth of your Self.

When you are connected to your True, eternal and incorruptible, Self/Nature, you do not suffer (although you may still experience misfortune, or pain, pleasure, and joy).

No one is immune to the realities of changing and decaying form. Enlightened and unenlightened beings are both subject to the same process of aging, sickness, and death.

Alignment, however, supports you to not get thrown about emotionally by the chaos outside of you in the world because you remember, and dwell in, the presence of the eternal peace/stillness inside of you and who you truly are.

Alignment allows you to not become attached to the changing forms of the world, or to what other people are doing, saying, or thinking, which naturally leaves you in peace.

When you remain inwardly focused, you can effectively weather the storms and waves of life with ease and true lasting equanimity. And if you do happen to get dragged out of your space of alignment for any reason after learning to become aligned with your True point of power (something that will eventually be wiped out completely when you reach a certain state of consciousness where alignment is steady and you will never waver), simply remember who/what you truly are and get back on track. There is truly no judgment here, just opportunities for liberation and growth.

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