The Importance of Stress Reduction For Optimal Heart Health And Overall Well-Being

Our hearts, brains, and guts are key control centers for processing and managing emotions and for keeping us alive, well, and fully functioning as we navigate through life. And the effects of stress on each of these centers, and, therefore, our overall well-being is becoming clearer with more research each day.

While normal stress (engaging in new and novel activities and interactions, learning and growing, participating in healthy physical activities, etc) is necessary for helping us to grow and develop resilience and happiness in life, overwhelming, chronic, and toxic (destructive to our mental health) stress has a definite negative impact on our health and overall well-being (physiologically in and in all possible ways).

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Using Your Personal Power To Deal With Racism, Sexism, Abuse, Violence, And/Or Disrespect (Or To Just Generally Deal With A “Mean & Ugly Bully”)

Let others take responsibility for their words, thoughts, and actions in the same way you are best served with taking responsibility for yours.

If someone is intentionally disrespectful, hateful, abusive, racist, sexist, or harmful to you in any way, this reflects their lack of love, acceptance, and/or control of themselves; it is not an invitation for you to feel inadequate or defective if you have not done anything to them, or have not done anything wrong.

Never allow other people’s venom to inflict damage on you by overidentifying with their harmful thoughts, words, or actions.

Give yourself the grace of Love and respect that another may be delusional enough to think that they have the right to deny you.

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5 Essential Internal Tools That You Will Need In An Effective Trauma Healing Kit

When a traumatic experience occurs, our minds and bodies immediately go into overdrive to try to resolve the overwhelming system-overload that the experience creates within us.

If you are a Star Trek fan, think of this as putting your shields to maximum capacity in order to ward off external enemy attacks.

Adrenal functions are impacted, digestion and other important bodily functions are suppressed, and you immediately go into fight, flight, or freeze mode.

After an attack is over, and you have survived the battle, however, your overdriven system has a hard time calming down.

The danger that you experienced, you feel, is still lurking, waiting in the shadows to attack, like the Ferengi (more Star Trek reference), poised to stir up some trouble at anytime instead of peacefully existing in your shared galaxy. After all, you think, “an attack could happen again.” Did the first torpedo, and then the second torpedo, and then the fires that it created, not just come into your life in the blink of an eye, or last for a long period of time? One day you were going about your day coursing curiously through space and time, and then, in a moment, you were under direct threat or attack.

This cycle of hyper-vigilance, as you are simultaneously working to heal any damage left behind from battle, keeps your shields at maximum capacity at all times. Now you keep your shields up, draining power, for reasons beyond warding off an attack, and this constant overdrive (just to feel and be safe), over time, completely fatigues your vessel, leading to worn out gears and functions, and to the development of serious issues that will lead to a great deal of suffering in the long-run if not fully addressed.

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