“None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds”

Liberate Yourself From The Agony Caused By Toxic Influences That Maintain And Perpetuate Destructive Delusions In The World Disconnection from one’s higher Self/expression and from the Truth is the root of all evil and ongoing Karmic entanglement in the world. … Read MoreRead More

Stop Lying: Acknowledge When It’s You

Humans are pros at making excuses (which you can simply view as the evil step-sister of perfectly valid explanations). Humans are also really well-practiced in deflecting responsibility (which is the creepy troll under the bridge toward empowerment). And humans make … Read MoreRead More

Yama Remind You To Stay Anchored In Truth

Due to the shape of their inner landscapes/levels of consciousness shrouded in the darkness of ignorance, egoism, hatred, jealousy/envy, greed, and so forth, many people are susceptible to believing in lies more than they are to accepting the Truth (even … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 50: Check-In | The Ignorance Of Unconscious Bias (For Example Racial Bias) Is Often Tied To A Strong Attachments To Ego-Identity For Most

I once sat at a kitchen table with a person who claimed to be “race/color-blind;” a person who claimed to see “all people as they are.” We sat together so that I could oversee his completion of an emotional intelligence … Read MoreRead More

How Free Are You To Be?

Is your “self”-control, spirituality, morality, love, kindness, speech, conduct, emotional state, and so forth, based on conditioning and the dictates of Maya and ego-based forces inside and outside of you, or do these expressions, when they come to life through … Read MoreRead More

A Tip On Seeking Truth

If you seek Truth outside of you, look for undistorted knowledge, and rely on direct experience as validation or rejection of any observed information. … Read More

The Greatest Knowledge Comes From Within

True Self-Awareness and understanding come from within. This is why Yoga is a personal journey. Self-Realization (as Patanjali reminds us in the Yoga Sutras) can only be attained in a space that is free from ego and distortion (whether this is the … Read MoreRead More

What You Own And Create

Humans often have a delusion that they do, or can, own more than they would ever even want to take responsibility for truly owning in their lifetime. This delusion is due to ignorance and an ego desire for domination or … Read MoreRead More

The Truth About Self-Sacrifice

Self-sacrifice is often unfortunately praised in its distorted form while being undervalued when looked at with the light of truth. … Read More

Yoga Tip/Challenge # 14: Always Check Your Biases

Having discernment is key to gaining and maintaining understanding in Yoga and life. Unless something has been proven as fact through extensive research, direct neutral experience, and unbiased observation, what you believe is an assumption/hypothesis at the very least or a strong … Read MoreRead More