How Free Are You To Be?

Is your “self”-control, spirituality, morality, love, kindness, speech, conduct, emotional state, and so forth, based on conditioning and the dictates of Maya and ego-based forces inside and outside of you, or do these expressions, when they come to life through … Read MoreRead More

Week 5: Discovering Your True Self Identity (Sutra 4)

“At other times [the Self appears to] assume the forms of the mental modifications.” –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Vrtti Sarupyam Itaratra Vrtti: modification/distortion | Sarupyam: assumes form, identification | Itaratra: at other times “[W]ithout any identifications [with your body, … Read MoreRead More

The Eightfold Path Of Yoga-Part 3: Limbs Five And Six | Pratyahara And Dharana

The Context of Your Reality Within Your Primary Locus Of Control Freedom from the external pulls of the world is the only way to truly obtain liberation from suffering. This is what limbs five and six of the Eightfold Path … Read MoreRead More

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