Spirituality is not a theoretical endeavor; it is a practical journey/experience: it is life lived in alignment with the Truth of your existence.

For this alignment to take place, you must first use the discerning powers of your full being to clear away the layers of distortion that cloud your understanding and seeing. you must come to full awareness of the fact that you are here, you exist, and the realm in which you have been manifested into human form is only a reflection of a greater Reality/Truth that is unbound by form.

Believing in nice ideas that state this is not the same as fully knowing and living the Truth of this Reality.

And living this Reality requires a level of understanding and inner strength that is completely fine-tuned for/within you to ensure that you are walking down the correct path as opposed to diverting down a pathway within Maya that can be very convincing and/or tempting but will lead to complete misery and further disconnection if you have any remnant egoism (over-identification with false senses-of-self) active within you that is subject to attachment and/or fear in the world.

You are best served, therefore, and it is always your choice, learning to understand your Self fully in order to then be able to spot any specks of Maya that have the tendency to stake claim to your sense of identity through your “personal” perspective due to conditioning in the form of likes, dislikes, delusions, attractions, aversions, fears, compulsions, etc. And you do this simply because you exist in physical form within a human body that is the vessel through which you can interact in this dense world of form and navigate within structures, both physical and non-physical, that are deceptive, dark, and restrictive by nature. While in physical form, you are bound within the realms of appearances, like being in a dream in which you can taste sweetness and bitterness but never truly gain anything substantial, or extract any real sustenance from, the fruits that you consume.

To wake up within the dream is to become Self-aware, to receive True life-giving energy from the knowledge of who you are. And that alone changes the power and nature of the dream that you are over-identifying with/within as real.

You are boundless consciousness projected into illusory, temporary, and dense form for the sake of experiencing the whole of who you are. You experience this both in your individual expression and through your “interaction” with all that is through interfacing with the external/imagined world. In the same way that in a dream you do not truly die when you “die,” you do not die when you leave your physical human form and the illusions of Maya either.

While you are here, however, feeling pain and pleasure and interacting with all that has come before this moment, you can, with full awareness, guide the course of your unfolding, keeping in mind that your non-physical nature is open to all possibilities.

Know, however, that the most fulfilling route, if you are able to surrender your overidentification with the illusory aspects of your self enough to allow it to be expressed through you, is to live in alignment with your True Self and exist from that space free of unconscious Karma. You become free to simply be when you do not take this world to be more substantial than it appears to be, nor do you take the unaware thoughts, words, and actions of “others” to be more meaningful than it is. Everything can be used for your deeper surrender and liberation from this dense form/Maya, especially your suffering and your desiring, and, therefore, both are gifts. Acknowledge these gifts, and practice deep inner surrender.

Trust the flow and expression of your spirit, your life can be a beautiful and blissful dance with the divine if you get your ego out of the way.

Thank you for listening.

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