The Truth Remains Unchanged By Shadow And/Or Distorted Light

The play of shadow and refracted light within Maya often fabricates illusory distortions that can create suffering caused by attractions, aversions, likes, and dislikes if one becomes attached to the images that are being perceived on the projected screen of … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 52: Check-In | Spiritual Practice Is Attuning With Reality And Acknowledging/Understanding The Nature Of Dense reality/Maya

Spirituality is not a theoretical endeavor; it is a practical journey/experience: it is life lived in alignment with the Truth of your existence. … Read More

A Yoga-Inspired Model Of Projected Reality | Based On The Teachings Of The Yoga Sutras [Infographic]

As above so below: Yoga is the clearing away of the distortions that get in the way of being/knowing one’s True Self in this lifetime. It is allowing one’s Absolute Self to be freely expressed in the world and through … Read MoreRead More