The play of shadow and refracted light within Maya often fabricates illusory distortions that can create suffering caused by attractions, aversions, likes, and dislikes if one becomes attached to the images that are being perceived on the projected screen of the conditioned and darkened mind shrouded by the lens of ignorance and egoism.

This is why it is crucial to purify your mind and being so that you can see clearly, and never become attached to any version of your mind’s projections attached to fleeting and illusory forms that shift and change from moment to moment (even simply based on how and where you look at things).

To understand the play of shadow and light and the illusions that they create and sustain in the world is useful while navigating through this realm of smoke, mirror, distorted and limited perspective, projection, shadow, and light within Maya.

Staying connected to, and knowing the True illuminated and undistorted Face of Reality behind all projections, however, is what keeps you free from mental bondage and from the suffering (and consequential Karma) that even mere illusions (even the ones that you know are illusions) can cause.

Stay focused on the unchanging fully illumined, undistorted, Truth that shines through the ever-present Self, and you will remain free.

If you ever find yourself attaching yourself to a projection or an illusion, a distortion, or a false perception, simply remind yourself that it is not real or reflective of the True Self.

Remove the distortions from your body-mind’s-eye so that you can clearly see and be free to be.

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