Story-Time And The Yoga Sutras | Story 3: The Blind Men And The Elephant | Podcast Episode 85 [Excerpt]

“The nature of the convoluted illusory projection of reality is such that you can literally be looking at something directly, experiencing it with your own senses directly, and still be wrong about it in one way or another when pieces … Read MoreRead More

Story-Time And The Yoga Sutras | Story 2: The Farmer’s Luck | Podcast Episode 84 [Excerpt]

“Your thoughts impact everything from your behavior[s] to your physiology…it is important to remain unattached to life’s occurrences and to…[your] often automatic, conditioned, compulsive interpretive thoughts about them…” … Read More

Monday’s Meme: Discard Erroneous Thinking

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Sutra Studies Week 68: Reflections On The Fact That The Skill Of Discernment Develops Liberating Awareness And Perception (Sutra 3.55)

“Pratipaska Bhavana is learning to cultivate the ability to distinguish where any given thought is leading. It is the practice of readjusting violent and hateful thoughts, and other types of thoughts that are steeped in ignorance, essentially, with that of … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 56: Mental Alchemy | The Practice Of Transforming Disturbing/Negative Thoughts | With Worksheet #1 (Sutras 2.33-2.34)

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