Week 19: Check-In | The Intelligence And Magnificence Of Existence

We often take the spectacularity of our existence for granted.

We go about our days rotating, without catastrophe, through space and time while inhabiting one of the most complex vessels in all of existence. And we often do so without ever pausing for a moment to acknowledge the highly complex system(s) of intelligent function and form that makes all of life possible (even when our complex brains contain the same innate intelligence that gives us the ability to know and to comprehend all that we truly are).

But if you, for any reason, forgot that your complex body, mind, and all that exists in our cosmos has built-in and eternally evolving intelligence that is nothing short of extraordinary when you take the time to contemplate it, I am here today to remind you to (even if it is just for the minute or two that it takes for you to read this post), come awake and be present for the magnificence of your existence and the magnificence of all of creation.

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Week 3: Reflection on Mind Mastery | Choose To “Love More Worry Less” (Sutra 2)

“When I say that everything that was created up until this point in history is simply a result of the choices, and different levels of consciousness, of the people who have existed and exist today on our planet, and that everything that will come from this point in time into the future is dependent on this very same thing, I do not express a mere philosophical perspective, but share a deep-seated knowing and understanding of the truth about Reality…”

Episode 4: Reflections on Mind Mastery

Week 2: Reflections On The Practice As The Path (Sutra 1)

“Music has always been an important part of my life, and singing even more so since, from childhood, song has been my primary way to connect with my spirit and to safely work through emotions in order to express my feelings in a physical way without these emotions making too much of an impact in the external world when they were more heavy than light…”

What is your practice in life, and how is it guiding your journey to self-realization and actualization in the world?

What are the key factors that make your practice (or practices) an important part of your evolution, and how are you supporting yourself with honoring this practice’s importance on your path each day?