We often take the spectacularity of our existence for granted.

We go about our days rotating, without catastrophe, through space and time while inhabiting one of the most complex vessels in all of existence. And we often do so without ever pausing for a moment to acknowledge the highly complex system(s) of intelligent function and form that makes all of life possible (even when our complex brains contain the same innate intelligence that gives us the ability to know and to comprehend all that we truly are).

But if you, for any reason, forgot that your complex body, mind, and all that exists in our cosmos has built-in and eternally evolving intelligence that is nothing short of extraordinary when you take the time to contemplate it, I am here today to remind you to (even if it is just for the minute or two that it takes for you to read this post), come awake and be present for the magnificence of your existence and the magnificence of all of creation.

Though our human fantasies and inventions (as amazing as they sometimes are) significantly pale in comparison to the fact of our existence (and this is true of everything that we create from our artworks to our ideologies, to our societies) our innate nature and the intelligence that is “built” in and within us from the existence of a greater intelligence is the epitome of perfection. This fact makes it so that (on levels beyond mundane form) we are all perfect in every way as well.

This perfection makes it so that we are constantly learning and improving in every moment (and in every way possible) as we collectively live and breathe, interact with our environment, travel through space and time, and have new needs, desires, and possibilities unfolding through us just from living life and moving into the seemingly eternal future (that we only get to experience temporarily in our physical human bodies).

Through this ever-expanding reality of our existence, we move from potential to greater possibility at all times, moving forward from the perfection that created us toward the expression of perfection in forms that are always endeavoring for “better” on all levels, from perfection in the form of personal growth to perfection in the form of evolution within our species.

Whether it is the existence of DNA containing vast amounts of data in a microscopic form, the process of our birth and cell-replication which manifests our corporeal bodies that host our “personal/individual” expression of consciousness, the process of healing our physical wounds, or our psyches, the complex phenomena of our evolution which, over time, creates new possibilities and advantages for our survival and continuous movement forward as well as the perpetuation of our species, or the fact that only light and stardust “created” us and all form in existence, our reality is astounding in every single way.

And yet, because magnificent is simple who we are, we often fail to fully appreciate our True splendor and the overall incredible truth of our existence in connection to all of creation, simultaneously missing the awareness and magnificence of the pure potential from which we emerged out of literal nothingness and darkness into eternally expanding light.

Today, however, as you continue to contemplate this week’s prompt, I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge all that you truly are. And I am not just referring to the fabricated “you” of your ego as you already know from our studies so far. Today, I invite you to take a moment to fully acknowledge all that you are in your true nature and by the sheer nature of your existence.

I want to remind you not to take “yourself,” or your life, for granted since it is almost an improbable miracle that you exist at all if you were to look at your presence mathematically.

So, regardless of where you are in life, and regardless of how seemingly challenging or convincingly wonderful the illusions of your existence in physical form may appear, please do the following: Just for a moment, put down the weight of the constructs that cloud and color the truth of your expression and true nature.

Look behind the seemingly concrete nature of your form and the temporality of this form (and beyond the temporality of your existence within your ever-changing society) to see the truth of your full expression manifested in the world. Do this now so that you can recognize, and get to know, the beautiful “face” of your True Self.

Please remember that once you know this “face,” above all others, you can finally gain real peace and freedom from suffering.

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