“In Isvara is the complete manifestation of the seed of omniscience.”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Tatra Niratisayam Sarvajnabijam

Tatra: there [in Isvara] | Niratisayam: unsurpassed manifestation, above the highest | Sarvajna: omniscience | Bijam: seed

The reality of our creation on an existential level is nothing short of magnificent, and the fact that our species can tap into the knowledge of this reality is remarkable in every way.

At this present time in history, homo sapiens now know, through readily available information, the “origin” of our entire physical existence (in this universe) through our understanding of the Big Bang. We understand now more than ever how our species evolved. We are learning more each day about the workings of our minds through the study of neuroscience, and psychology. And we are mapping patterns of behavior that provide insight into the workings of our societies/cultures and relationships through our studies in sociology, anthropology, and through our data-backed research that keeps growing more and more each day.

Our complex bodies and brains, and the complexity of life itself (which have been somewhat mapped with anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, among other things, are nothing short of miraculous), and the fact that we are “blessed” with a consciousness that allows us to understand ourselves and the world is not something that we should ever take lightly.

The reality of our existence is far more interesting, more exciting, and more inspiring than any science-fiction fantasy that we could ever fabricate either individually or collectively even with our “infinite” imagination. And somehow, even without all of our modern-day tools, humans from thousands of years ago managed to use the power of their being and brains to know the Truth of most of what we now know with such clarity that even our most advanced sciences are still working to catch up.

But how could humans have known about the Big Bang before our species even traveled physically through space, or about the workings of the mind without brain scans or psychoanalysis?

The answer, Patanjali would say, exists in the fact that human beings possess the seed of, and are a part of, infinite knowledge itself. The answer exists in the fact that there is “the complete manifestation of the seed of omniscience” present in our pure Self/nature (Isvara/the supreme Purusa–the whole/once manifested Self represented by all physical form), and omniscience is simply a part of who we are.

Omniscience is not just something that we can tap into; it is inherently a part of our Pure-Self (Isvara) manifested in the world, down to our very last atom. 

To put it another way, all of “existence” and knowledge emerged from the pure potential of our core-“nature,” and within this potential manifested into “form,” we inevitably find the seed of infinite knowledge. This seed, if nurtured correctly within the vessel of our pure consciousness can grow into the knowledge of all of creation and Truth itself.

Within our seemingly finite minds and physical manifestation lies infinite knowledge and potential for knowledge, and we can all know everything that is within us and our nature to know.

This week, I invite you to sit with this understanding.

Strive to fully absorb it into your being.

What does it mean to have the seed of omniscience within you, and how does this illuminate your connection with, and understanding of, your True Self?

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