Does Maya Have A Hold On You? Free Yourself And Be Your Self

In the same way that it is ignorant to run after pleasure or to run from pain (since life will inevitably bring both), it is equally idiotic to run from pleasure or to run toward pain (common sense alone makes … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 60: Check-In | Hormones, Desires, And Fears, Oh My! | Controlling Your Animal Nature To Be Seduced And/Or Distracted By “Pleasurable” To “Scary” Things

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A Yoga-Inspired Model Of Projected Reality | Based On The Teachings Of The Yoga Sutras [Infographic]

As above so below: Yoga is the clearing away of the distortions that get in the way of being/knowing one’s True Self in this lifetime. It is allowing one’s Absolute Self to be freely expressed in the world and through … Read MoreRead More