In the same way that it is ignorant to run after pleasure or to run from pain (since life will inevitably bring both), it is equally idiotic to run from pleasure or to run toward pain (common sense alone makes this latter statement pretty obvious).

It is best to simply get yourself under enough control, and to cultivate enough awareness in life, to simply allow both the inevitable pleasures and pains that arise to come and go without disturbance.

Let your body-mind enjoy its blessings and grow through/from its lessons. After all, if you say that you know who/what you Truly are, what in the illusion of Maya has more control over you than you have of/over yourself?

How could “you” be “disturbed” (by anything) when only your body or mind experiences temporary disturbance…and “you” are not your body or your mind?

Remain Unattached And Unaffected

Find what works well for regulating your vessel while navigating through life. Enjoy, but never chase after, the things that safely bring you comfort and/or joy without destruction. Work on increasing your window of tolerance for discomfort/pain. And just simply live your life.

Having your cake and eating it makes sense. After all, more cake will come in the future, and if it does not, why would this get you bent out of shape when you do not need cake to live, to be happy, or for any reason other than to enjoy it while it lasts? Heck, there will even come a time when, no matter how delicious any given cake promises to be, you may have lost your appetite for cake entirely.

Let experience come, and let it go.

It is important to simply learn discernment, self-awareness, self-regulation, and how to courageously live your Truth in order to effectively navigate through the world, or, you could run the risk of wasting energy fighting for or against things in the illusion of Maya instead of simply moving though life in peace.

There is no need to chase after or to run away from anything in the illusion when this only gets you trapped in believing that the illusion is more real than it is, believing that the things here have any power when they do not, or believing that how “you” currently see things is the only way when your ego is never bigger than its own limiting desires or fears.

You are simply served remaining still within your Self and moving though life as it brings you experience.

What more is required from life than to fully be present and to live, freely, as yourself/your Self? Is there another “purpose?”

Have You Been Engaging In Regular Sadhana Practice That Aligns You With The Purest Purpose For Your Existence/Expression?

Thank you for reading.

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