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Week 31: Check-in | Gaining Insight From Dreams [With Guided Yoga Nidra Exercise]

Since they help you to process insights, emotions, learning, information, and experience, dreams (as we discussed at the beginning of this week) can be incredibly useful tools for creating positive change in your life and in yourself. And, because the … Read MoreRead More

What Are The Yoga Sutras?

Think of the chapters of the Yoga Sutras as a table where some of the purest and finest spiritual knowledge is served. Each of the four chapters is a foot that keeps the table standing and able to hold the … Read MoreRead More

Trauma Healing and Coping Tip: Acceptance

Acceptance of what happened is an important part of your healing process. Acceptance does not mean excusing any wrongdoing if you were harmed. Acceptance is not a denial of reality in order to feel better in the moment by suppressing … Read MoreRead More

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