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On Belonging

All are valuable and all belong. There is no way to separate anything in existence from the intrinsic Truth of our shared Oneness. It is only ignorance, delusional egoism, greed, hatred, clinging to bodily life (the 5 obstacles) and other … Read MoreRead More

Being Yourself/Your Self In This World Requires No Human Authorization

What does it mean to be a sovereign being who, because you are connected to your Self beyond limited form, does not need anyone else to be any particular way, nor need to perform any destructive, greed or hate-based, Karmas … Read MoreRead More

Song 2 | Nirodha (Put It All Aside) | Sutra 2

“New distortions will come through | And keep you trapped and blind to the reality that you don’t have to do | Anything to be yourself, divine, | But clear away conditioned and false views.” … Read More

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