Growing And Evolving In Our Virtual Ashram/Learning & Development Portal

Here, your Spirit can be sheltered and guided in a focused and empowering learning environment that nurtures your full coming into all that you are.

I will support you in the process of validating (through experience) and securing (through practice and understanding) liberation (for yourself) if you have decided that this is the lifetime that you are determined to be (and, therefore, will be) free from the perpetual cycle of Karmic suffering that binds you in the world.

To me, nothing that can be done or achieved in any lifetime is as valuable, important, or fulfilling as gaining True Inner Liberation, which is why I devote my life to this work and invite you to join me in freeing yourself.

If you agree that there is nothing “better” to live for, strive for, or to accomplish than liberating your Spirit while you are embodied here on Earth, then you are in the right place.

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