About Our Virtual Ashram/Learning & Development Portal

Here, your Spirit can be sheltered and guided in a focused and empowering energetic learning space that nurtures your full coming into all that you are in/of the divine essence.

How, and how far, you go/get on your unique inner journey, however, is completely up to you. I already affirm and anchor myself in my wholeness and Liberation (with or without any worldly conditions or “travel companions”) since I know, honor, and value the sanctity and sovereignty of my Spirit, and respect the unique journey of everyone who is courageous and strong enough to walk this path. The fact that I created this space is my testament of confidence in, and commitment to, this path.

Because I am called by my Spirit to create this space as a gateway through which I share a verified roadmap (because I lived it and discovered that others have also lived it and that there is even a science created around it called Yoga) that you can customize to your own inner landscape to reach the “promised land” of inner fulfillment and transcendence, I provide the guidance, empowerment, and support needed to get those who seek my support on their journey all the way home to the Liberation that is their eternal birthright.

I will support you in the process of validating (through experience) and securing (through understanding) your ultimate freedom for yourself if you have decided that this is the lifetime that you are determined to be (and, therefore, will be) free (being honest and pure in your intentions).

To me, nothing that can be done or achieved in any lifetime is as valuable, important, or fulfilling as gaining True Inner/Spiritual Liberation, which is why I devote my life-force energy to this work (both through what can be seen on this website and in everything else that I do as I navigate through Maya). If you agree that there is nothing “better” to live for, strive for, or to accomplish in this world than this, then you are in the right place, and we are kindred Spirits.

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