My Invitation To Those Who Are New Here

Firstly, I invite you to take a look around my website since you can learn more about my Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based, work/experience and get a feel for what my approach and teaching style are that way.

Much of what you can find here is free for you to learn and grow from. So please feel welcome to browse through a large number of posts and podcast episodes here without any commitment. You can use the search feature in the footer if you are looking for something specific.

Before choosing a level of participation, start your browsing experience by listening to my What Are You Creating Today Podcast, or begin by visiting my blog, if you have not already done so, to see what recent topics I am discussing and join the conversation!

The Blog Archives and Website Guide pages are great places to start when exploring the topics and features on this Learning And Development Portal!

After taking a look around, if you wish to gain further support from me, you can sign up to Join A Group at the appropriate level for you once you decide that you are truly committed to your growth in this way (because commitment is a pre-requisite for success on your journey at a minimum).

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Song 2 | Nirodha (Put It All Aside) | Sutra 2 What Are You Creating Today?

“New distortions will come through | And keep you trapped and blind to the reality that you don’t have to do | Anything to be yourself, divine, | But clear away conditioned and false views.” Song Overview Do A Sutra … Read More … Read More The post Song 2 | Nirodha (Put It All Aside) | Sutra 2 first appeared on Kidecia King | Yoga-Meditation Teacher/Coach | In Support of Joyful Living.
  1. Song 2 | Nirodha (Put It All Aside) | Sutra 2
  2. Sutra Song 1 | Atha (Now, Let’s Begin) | Sutra 1
  3. Sutra Songs Introduction | Podcast Episode 79

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