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A Message To Those Who Have Experienced Trauma (Beyond Ego Trauma)

I see and respect you as a human being who has lived through, and/or has overcome, great challenges in life. And, I fully honor your capacity to gloriously thrive in the world, knowing that you possess immense strength, beauty, and all of the wonderful qualities that make you unique and important to our collective oneness. Your resilience, I want you to know, is valued here.

Never limit yourself, or have anyone else limit you, to a broken product of your past. And never label yourself as a permanent victim of anything that has happened to you (especially things that happened that were outside of your control), when, despite all odds, here you are, taking responsibility for yourself and your life, and continually moving forward.

You have lived life, and experienced deep pains that most people may never fully understand (much less be able to handle), no doubt, and yet, your potential and capacity for Love, greatness, and joy remain unbounded.

Since you are most likely alive and doing relatively well if you are here reading this, I want to take the time to remind you that you are powerful, and Loved!

Always remember that your True Self, beyond the illusion of the ego, and this world, is uncorrupted by anything that you have risen above. I am happy that you have chosen to remain grounded in this liberating and eternal Truth in a world (so deeply steeped in limited and limiting illusions sustained by destructive ignorance) that has forgotten “who it is.”

Though the literature, and common sentiment, on trauma and adversity tends to focus on some of the unfortunate issues that result from the experience of surviving overwhelming distress (as if having lived through hardship, and not simply creating or sustaining it without justification, makes those who have experienced these things and survived them more broken than the rest of humanity, when in Reality this is certainly not the case–since many who go though great trials will do “better” than some of their “non-traumatized” peers), here, we recognize this focus on brokenness to be grounded in ignorance, and, instead, focus on your strengths.

If it were the case that only trauma outside of ego-trauma was the reason that humans are afflicted by many of the conditions written up in most medical lists (conditions which not all trauma survivors even have themselves), then the world would be a perfect place to live in with mostly well-adjusted people, our species would experience very little struggle and conflict, there would be virtually no war or social problems holding our species back, and so on and so forth. We all know, however, that, since the beginning of time, this has never been the case.

We also all know that no one who any of us has ever admired, or who ever existed in history (past or present), has lived a life without suffering and the overcoming of it (not even Jesus or the Buddha were free from their share of suffering). It is also a fact that not even the most complexly traumatized individuals among us spends every waking minute of their life in a state of dysfunction. Humans are dynamic, complex, and resilient creatures because our species had, and have, to possess these qualities to survive.

The Reality of life is clearly outlined in the Four Noble Truths. No one, until they have obtained liberation from the cycle that plagues humanity, and dissolved the ego safely and completely, transcending the trappings and attachments of the world, escapes the suffering that comes with being born into this world.

All human beings, before reaching a state of Self-Realization, are dysfunctional and prone to experiencing and creating suffering through their karma (thoughts, words, and actions that have a cause and effect in the world).

With this in mind, I view every unrealized human on this planet as a survivor of trauma because no one comes into life without developing an ego which exhibits all of the trauma symptoms written on all medical lists. Even though most people are in denial of this fact because we have collectively managed to create societies where some egos can hide more effectively behind warped social norms. The Truth, however, is that unless you are a liberated being who has transcended the ego and its attachments and compulsions, you are living as a traumatized human being on planet Earth.

Until you are aware of this, you are not ever truly moving forward in life; you are only stuck in an illusion (no matter how enjoyable that illusion may be at any point), an illusion that those labeled as “Trauma Survivors,” or victims, at least have the advantage of not being able to fully play into.

Awareness of this is the first step to healing, and stepping into your True Self, that sets you free from bondage to suffering and unconscious behaviors, in this lifetime.

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