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Trauma is not defined by any one event or circumstance, but is the normal, and biologically correct, physiological response that occurs when a body and/or mind is overwhelmed by stress in its environment. Trauma is a built-in, autonomic, defense/security mechanism that prevents one’s body-mind from complete deterioration/collapse/actual burn-out in the event of extreme stress or danger.

A person can become traumatized by anything from interpersonal experiences in toxic social environments (from workplaces to living in certain societies/communities), dysfunctional family situations/relationships, to devastating catastrophic events.

In this course, we will be exploring what is known about trauma responses, and discussing the ancient and modern science behind trauma healing to provide you with a basic overview of how resilience and self-regulation can be created and maintained when your senses have been overwhelmed by toxic stress, adversity, or traumatic events.