Yoga-Meditation & Coaching | My Work (Quickly Summarized)

A Strengths-Based Approach To

Inner Evolution

“Yoga-Meditation and Coaching are non-judgmental, solution-focused support tools that are centered on whole person growth and transformation.”

-Kidecia King

What We Do Here

We Care For Our Body (But Never Over-Identify With It)

We Care For Our Mind (But Never Over-Identify With It)

We Care For Our World (But Never Over-Identify With It)

Here, we focus your attention and energies on the Truth of who we are beyond the limitations of form. This work is here to support you to rest comfortably in your eternal Spirit/Self and to secure your Liberation through it in this lifetime.

I Provide Yoga-Meditation Guidance And Support For Transformative Growth And Lasting Resilience

Hi there! My name is Kidecia King.


I am a student of life, and a teacher of Union. In this space, I serve as a Yoga-Meditation Teacher, Coach, Community Leader, and Creative Communicator.

My work involves using information, tools, exercises, and processes that are simple, well-supported by research, and are strengths, aptitude, and capabilities-based.

These tools help to create positive changes in people’s lives, mind, body, and spirit, and ask “what can you create with all of the internal and external resources that you possess and are capable of developing?”

With this solution-focused approach, we move from where you are right now (no matter where you have been, and what you have been through) toward a more Joyful and Liberated future and Self.


We work together to manifest your full/pure divine expression in the world for the sake of being True to who and what you really are.


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