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“It is OK to feel good about, and safe in, your body-mind. In fact, body-mind health and wellness are essential for your overall success in Yoga practice since they support you to maintain optimal balance in/with your inner and outer environment, and they help you to develop the necessary energetic focus required to make efforts toward the purification/higher awareness that you need for Liberation. Remember please that you “live” in your body-mind while manifested as a human-being, and disease is an obstacle on the inward path, upon which health is a wide-spectrum of physical expressions (since no two body-minds are the same, and even the “same” body changes from moment to moment, and certainly with age and over time). Health can (and probably should) look different for/on you at varying stages in your life depending on what is going on in your life/environment.

When working with your body-mind, your aim should primarily be to create and maintain a healthy spectrum of balance (as is required by/within you at any given point based on your intended purpose of Liberation). No chart, graph, or “model” should ever override your inner knowing of what is, and feels right and healthy within/for you. And no amount of body-mind pride, shame, delusion, or insecurity will ever serve you as well as having a solid, non-judgmental, understanding of your physical vessel and the ability/knowledge of how to operate, heal it, and maintain it well. Your body-mind evolved to stay alive by adapting to changing environments and circumstances, and you are best served honoring and respecting this process above even the shifting/projected societal version of superficial definitions of “health.”

In other words, on this path, you should learn to get, and keep, your body-mind in balance, and to steer it in the right direction of optimal success for you. General guidelines are useful, but above all else, tune into/with your Self for the best results.”

-Kidecia King

This Course provides basic tips and information on caring for your body-mind, so that you can keep it well, and heal/balance it when necessary, in order to remain successfully on your path toward spiritual Liberation/True and lasting joy.*

*Please remember, however, that I am not a medical doctor. You are encouraged to seek medical advice if you are in need of that type of assistance. This course is simply for those who are interested in learning some basic Scientific, Yogic/Ayurvedic/Herbal principles and tips for maintaining balance in their Annamayakosha. It is for those who want to join our “conversation” on physical health/wellness and learn some tasty and healthful recipes along the way (since this course will be ongoing with new materials/information being added as inspired).