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“Black” women in the Americas (and abroad) carry the heavy burden of historically being intentionally kidnapped, enslaved, dehumanized, oppressed, disparaged, abused (psychology, sexually, physically, spiritually, financially, etc), and silenced, due to, and by, the Karmas of oppression, ignorance, hatred, and injustice within the hearts and mind of those who surround us in society (and by extension, its institutions, made up of the same people who intentionally inflicted, and inflict, these Karmas).

“Black” women have been intentionally targeted and harmed for hundreds of years, both consciously and unconsciously, by both their original kidnappers and enslavers and then by those compelled by greed and shame who were mentally disturbed and influenced by these original perpetrator due to the animal need to maintain social, political, psychological, and economic “advantages” for themselves and people who look like them.

“Black” women have survived, saved ourselves, taken care of ourselves, and moved forward, all while taking care of countless others and helping to build countries.

With the support of the power of the Absolute within us, as our main foundation, “still” we rise, but “black” women, nonetheless, as human beings existing in physical form, need safe spaces for body-mind healing and rejuvenation.

Being constantly bombarded with reminders, and repurposed expressions, of the abuses and injustices that we face each and every day in both micro-aggressive, and aggressive-aggressive ways (as “well-intentioned” as some claim to be for the sake of their understanding or processing of what happened), is retraumatizing and not healthy for our psyches or well-being, and, is basically an ongoing psychological/psychic attack.

The wounds, scars, and social reverberations of slavery, hundreds of years of forced rape and labor (in more than one way), human experimentation, oppression, disrespect and dehumanization in society and in the media, and so forth, sustained in/by the overall social/political atmosphere and “culture,” and in the collective psyche of those we live amongst and interact with (and therefore in their thoughts, words, and actions) each and every day (the most harmful part), those afflicted with the disease of hatred, ignorance, delusion, and greed (among other things) mixed with the general global atmosphere of violence against women, are enough to exhaust just about anyone from time to time, no matter how strong she may be.

This is a four-week Trauma Education and Support Workshop, and a restorative small group environment, that serves as a safe space for conscious “black” women to simply be in all of our beauty and our light without having to dodge the distorted projections of hatred, jealousy, scorn, and hostility that we face on a regular basis (for nothing more than the delusions held and maintained by weak-minded and ignorant “others”) as soon as we turn on a media outlet channel or step outside of our front door (and sometimes without even having to leave our homes at all).

This workshop serves as a place of learning and stillness for conscious “black” women who need deep inner rest in order to regain the strength and realignment to continue to preserve in the hostile physical plane of existence in which we, due to nothing other than the historical oppression of our physical manifestation in human form, are often met with violence and hatred from random strangers, co-workers, people we put our trust in from doctors to police officers, and “spiritual communities” alike.

This is a trauma-informed, Yoga-centric, and Loving space for conscious black women to come back to Self and connect with their liberation beyond limited form. Here we block out the noise and distortions of the world and connect with who we are fully in order to take our freedom and our power back and extend it into our daily lives while present here on Earth in this lifetime. I look forward to being together with you in our next group.

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