You Are Manifested As A Social Being Connected To All In/Of Existence; Do Not Reduce Yourself (or Your Self) To A Social Animal, Dependent On, Or Desperate For, Others To Fulfill Your Inner Needs

If healthy connection with other people is not available to you based on the current context of your life and/or your social environment/situation, DO NOT force any connection, because, obviously, that connection will not be healthy. A healthy and happy human being is one who is purely connected, but, contrary to popular belief, this connection does not have to be to another person, or people.

The purest connection that any human being can have in his/her life is a connection with her/his True Self and the higher, formless, eternally present, all-pervasive, all-encompassing, being that some call God, and others call Spirit (among other labels).

Your highest potential connection in life is not with/to any ego body-mind…It is through connecting to all that you are, intrinsically connected to all that is, which automatically includes all people. But “other” people are not the point.

A Social Being’s Healthy Connection With Self And “Others”

Creating healthy connection with yourself/your higher Self/Spirit is not only more than sufficient for your mental/psychological wellbeing, but, it is also the only True necessity in life, and the only thing that can bring Liberated happiness/joy (especially since body-minds die, and when you are attached to them, it hurts).

Healthy connection with yourself/Self is also truly the only possibility in Reality as well, since you and all of Creation are one and the same, and there is only one being expressed as existence itself, shining ever-present, everywhere, in actuality. In other words, and again, connecting to yourself/your Self, connects you to everything, and everyone, else in existence automatically, and, therefore, you do not need others, in the worldly sense, to be fully “connected.”

Always remember that “you” are a social being, and not just a “social animal.” And being social does not mean being a dependent/depraved individual who relies on others for things, and/or for a sense of fulfillment.

What It Means To Be A Social Being

Being a social being, in its purest expression, translates into being grounded in your Yamas and Niyamas. It is consciously (with conscience) “getting along” with others: to collaborate, share, support, cooperate, and to live peacefully and ethically without creating harm to your body-mind or to theirs based on any animalistic egoic tendencies and urges that you may have to fulfill your needs and desires above all else (or to blindly cater to theirs).

It is living by the golden rule (and including your manifested self expression in this kindness), and working for the betterment of more than just your limited personal expression or that of selected others. It is living in the pure expression of existence itself, which supports the greater good of all that is, because it is all that is.

This is why the correct way to use the term “anti-social” is not in reference to people who like to be alone (or else monks would also fit into this category). The term anti-social identifies certain types of destructive and manipulative individuals who disregard the welfare of others and engage in harmful behaviors regardless of who (and as long as it is not them who) suffers.

Being social (though it is often used to mean varying things colloquially) is not about having a lot of “friends” and being “the life of the party.” Being “social” (as it relates to your relationship with everyone in existence) is defined by having a conscience that includes the happiness, wellbeing, and safety of yourself and others, and, therefore, behaving conscientiously with yourself and others (whether or not others also fundamentally “care” for you or your life to any level or to any degree in their connection or disconnection from themselves, or, whether these “others” can do anything for you directly).

Being a truly social, and well-adjusted, human being when it comes to relating to other people, therefore, is about fully being connected to your higher expressions and Self, which manifests empathy, compassion, and kindness and extends these expressions in a balanced, healthy, and unattached, way that includes you and eveything and everyone as one as it is (unconditionally).

In The Bondage Of Lower reality/Maya, Others May Not, In Their Animal Attachment/Desperation, Truly Love Or Care About You…And You Will Still Be Perfectly Fine

There is a common myth within our species, often supported by pseudo (biased, and/or incomplete) science, that people “need” “connection with others” in order to thrive psychologically…and by this they mean emotional dependency. But, this idea is a myth for one primary reason–which we have pretty much covered above.

Everyone is already intrinsically and eternally connected. It did not need to be this way, it just is this way, since, like cells in one body, we all make up one whole, and seeing and living by any other perspective is an illusion.

Though many believe the myth of “needing” human connection, in a dependent way, because it is shared so far and wide, it is simply not True that humans need connection with anything. Humans are just connected in an ecosystem. Systems and structures need connection like organs need cells working together in organ systems, but cells do not need systems, they are self-contained units.

Humans simply need to be connected in/with themself and, obviously, to/with the all-encompassing energy that makes their existence possible. And, again, the highest, most stable, secure, and trustworthy connection that humans can have is with this “Higher Self,” “higher power,” or “Spirit.”

Some of us may not have “loving” parents, “loving” family members, “loving” colleagues, “loving” neighbors, and so forth. And many of us may not even live in “loving” societies, but all of us can ALWAYS cultivate Love, pure, true, Love in our own hearts, give Love to ourselves, and extend our Love freely into all of existence as just a natural part of who we are in essence and in Spirit.

If you cannot find healthy connection with other people for any reason (and you are not morally decrepit and difficult to be around due to selfishness and/or lack of self-control, etc…ie. nothing is “wrong with you”), I encourage you to not give in to ignorant peer pressure that says that you have to “connect” with others for the sake of ego-connection alone. Protect your peace and inner sanctity.

Remember, please, that pure/True connection alone is the key element for your wellbeing, not the part that states that other people need to be involved.

Connect with Nature, connect with a pet, connect with an uplifting song or book, connect with life. Connect deeply and fully with existence itself. These higher connections are more than enough to maintain your wellbeing. I guarantee it.

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